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Thank you ... a different one it will be.
Is there a 'best' one? Very flexible one?

Another user has had major problems with teh belkin, I'm sure its a Widdcomm stack and hence incompatable with the Wiiconnect application. Thex built that application for Windows Bluetooth Stack.

It must be a Widdcomm stack. I've been strougling with the Belkin F8T013 too and still haven't been able to run the wii-mote touch screen application. But I tried the Widdcomm drivers and when that failed I ran the setup from belkin and it mentioned that it was updating the current installation. It even has the same setup window (same drawings and background).

Try removing the drivers for the belkin, then just plug in the USB if windows acknowledges the USB BT Device and loads its own BT drivers then thex's application will work.

I tried removing, rebooting, cleaning registry, rebooting again, but my windows XP can't find the drivers for it. So I am forced to use Belkin drivers.
I can even make a the connection work, but the white board ap can't find the wiimote in my HID.

I am sure I've used the windows XP drivers once ... still the same laptop, so it must work, but I don't how. And I don't feel like restoring to the original setup when I bought the dell lapop.

IR Pens / Re: Maybe a good IR pen idea
« on: December 24, 2008, 03:20:39 AM »
I've got a Belkin F8Y013 too, but for some reason the "WiimoteWhiteboard v0.3.exe" can't find my wii-mote in my HID wen I have it connected.

I can see the wiimote in the bluetooth locations (after making a connection and selecting the mouse/keyboard services for it) and I even see an extra list item in my windows XP device list (although it is mentioned as a HID-keyboard)

Any tips or tricks for me?

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