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Bluetooth & Connectivity Knowledge Center / WiimoteConnect Support
« on: January 31, 2009, 01:01:27 PM »
Hello Thex! I'm new to this forum and just registered here to show some support for your WiimoteConnect project. I have just recently started using my wiimote with my computer and everything works so far.

Here is my set up:

Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit

Targus ACB10US Bluetooth Adapter
Broadcomm 2046 Bluetooth 2.1 USB UHE Dongle
Driver Version 5.1.2535.0

Glovepie 0.29

I think Wiimotes will become much more popular as computer input devices if they become more plug and play and it is projects like this that will make it happen. Support for the most common bluetooth stacks is critical at this point. Videos are starting to pop up around the net showing how people are using wiimotes for gaming and general HTPC use and to be honest the wiimote seems to be the perfect solution. I know as soon as I got mine working I scoured all of the scripts I could find and made fairly advanced scripts for Firefox and World of Warcraft.

My biggest issue so far using the wiimote in the living room on our home theater setup is ease of use. I think the wiimote would gain more acceptance in our home if my family could just turn on the HTPC and pick up the wiimote and it worked without having to manually pair the wiimote and then go into Glovepie and choose a script.

After quite a bit of reading it seems that this project is what I've been looking for but it still lacks support for the Broadcomm/Widcomm bluetooth stack. It seems that currently there is no program available on the net that boots at windows startup, pairs the wiimote using multiple bluetooth stacks, and then launches Glovepie with a default script running. I really think this is what is going to be required for the wimote to gain broad user acceptance as the premier HTPC input device.

I really hope that this project has continued support and updates for the most common bluetooth stacks and Glovepie builds. Thank you for all of your work so far and I really hope that I can use WiimoteConnect as the solution to my problem in the near future.

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