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IR Pens / Click Emulation using Extra LEDs
« on: January 24, 2008, 08:42:04 PM »
Well I just had a random idea on how to implement a Left and Right click emulation with some extra LEDs.

The idea would be to have 3 LEDs in one pen, but not all on the tip though they would need to be separated some distance. You could have one on the tip of the pen, which is constantly on (using an on/off switch somewhere) to just track the mouse.

Then position another LED somewhere in the middle of the pen (or any place some distance away from the first) and have it turn on only when a momentary switch is pressed, so it produces 2 distinct LED points to the Wiimote, and in the program have it so when it detects distinctly 2 points that it sends a left click message to windows.

You could then position a 3rd LED farther up the pen, some distance away from the 2nd LED, that is also connected to a momentary switch. This switch would turn on both the 2nd and 3rd LEDs at once, such that it produces 3 distinct tracking points for the Wiimote, and in the program have it so when it detects 3 distinct points that it sends a right click message to windows.

The only problems that I could see with this method would be a possible delay when you try to turn all 3 LEDs on, so that it only picks up the first 2 LEDs before the 3rd one goes on, and also there would be a blind spot where the Wiimote sensor meshes the 3 LEDs together and only sees it as one point, this would happen if you position the pen in such a way that its perfectly parallel with the Wiimote, however this blind spot would be small and could be changed based on where you place the Wiimote.

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, and thank you for reading my thoughts.

Say Hi! / Hello Thar
« on: January 24, 2008, 08:15:43 PM »
Hello There, I just found out about all of this Wiimote stuff and it seems really interesting, that and I'm hoping it will get me to finally pick up C# (I'm sorry my beloved C++)

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