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Hi all,
I posted a similar question a while back in the forum, and it was answered, however i would now like to be a bit more specific.
For my project i am turing two 24" screens which are side by side into touch screens. Due to the restrictions of the surrounds i can only get the Wiimote far enough away to be able to see, about 1 and a half of the screens. TO counter this i was told that i could use 2 Wiimotes with Smoothboard, thus i could have 1 Wiimote per screen. However on connecting the second Wiimote I found that the dual Wiimote function in Smoothboard was used more for one Wiimote to simply 'back up' the other rather than both of them being used in parallel to each other. I have tried eveything i can think of to try to get both of them to work, to cover the entire 2 screens. The problem is than on selecting both screens as the tracking area, the 2 points on the far right are out of the FOV of the Wiimote on the left, and vise versa for the Wiimote on the right. The best solution i have come up with is to Aim the Wiimotes so that there is an area in the middle that they can both see, but so that they can both see the entirety of their respective screens. I then select the overlapping area as the 'tracking area', and calibrate i this area. As i have found that the tracking area seems only to be used for calibration, and the Wiimote will still click etc. on point outside of this, provided that they are within its FOV. This method dopes work, though i leaves a lot to be desired, as the calibration of the IR pointer and the mouser is often 2-3cm off, no matter how well it is calibrated. Can anyone think of a better solution to this? Or is there some program that will allow me to use to Wiimotes in parrallel?


Project Ideas / Multiscreen Flight Simulator Switch Control
« on: June 19, 2009, 04:44:13 PM »
Hi everyone,
I'm new ot the Miimote project, but i think it's a great idea, and is exactly what i have been looking for. I have built a flight simulator using an aircraft fuselage, see here -
Currently I use two normal 24" screens in the front panel, but would like them to be touch screens for better use and sense of realism. I was planning to do something very similar as can be seen here -
I am running four screens in total off one computer, i am using a graphics card that supports two screens, with one of these screen outputs being used to run Matrox Tripple Head 2go to give me 4 screens. The two screens that are the panel (that i want to use as touch screens) are the 'Left' and 'Centre' screens of the Matrox Tripple Head 2Go box. My questions are these:

Can the Wiimote software be used over 2 screens running on one computer? (especially seeing as they are running off Matrox Tripple Head 2Go?)

Can I use two Wiimotes to run this system (ie one for each screen), as i am quite tight for space and may not be able to get both screens in the field of view of the Wiimote, without something being in the way.

I am planning to go out and buy the hardware tommorow
Thanks in advance, great work here guys,

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