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General Discussion / Re: WIDCOMM issues
« on: July 14, 2012, 05:58:29 PM »

I've had some trouble with wiimote recognition in the past, and after some fiddling around with some different versions of the WIDCOMM stack, I got all the different software to work. However, it seems that some software only seems to recognize the wiimote with one version, and other software will only recognize the wiimote with a newer version.

Smoothboard will work with the newest version
Uwe Schmidt's software will only work with version

Is there a version of the WIDCOMM stack that works with both those programs? Or would buying a new bluetooth dongle solve all my problems at once too?

This won't solve your problem. I have a few different versions and I have gone back to re-formatting to clear up driver confusion. I had one dongle that would ONLY work on the motherboard and another that would ONLY work on a PCI card... Weirdness can rule the day. I'd advise finding out which version you have and searching for solutions to that one. Most seem to favour the MS stack, but I have a Toshiba stack and it used to work soooo well, now... it's another story. I think that you can get the older stack to work, but you have to change some .inf files. I'm looking for that post now. I did this last week and it worked with Uwe's version, but now I'm left trolling the forums again. +sigh+

Very helpful. Thanks so much for the input. This is going to be in a business and we're exploring our options for a whiteboard solution. I'll test it out on various surfaces before committing to one or the other. If time permits, I'll post my results to the forum.

Again, thanks.


You can also use sheets of clear cellophane on top of dry-wall (gib). It will statically adhere to the wall and you can pin it down to the wall with a bit of blue tack. Then just run the wiimote on it and calibrate. This is the cheapest and you can use a whiteboard marker over it. The only thing is to keep the cellophane from scrunching up. Cellophane is the cheapest option yet and you can roll it up and take ti to the next surface.


Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard / Re: Whiteborad and Multitouch
« on: July 12, 2012, 05:09:52 PM »
LOL, always trying to stand on the shoulders of giants! After a few days off, I've read the forum to find you guys, of course, are way ahead of me. Thanks Boon-jin, I will look into this, I've been using Uwe's javascript version on XP with good results, and have been exprerimenting with Windows 7 - ecanvas and your trial-ware. The Smootboard air is looking good - thanks.


If you are looking to have two users writing at the board simultaneously, you may want to try the new Smoothboard Air with Duo software which supports 2 IR Pens simultaneously.

There is also a split screen mode that allows two users to have independent toolbars at each side of the screen.

You may find more info at

Boon Jin

Programmers Den / Re: Wiimote Student Respond systems
« on: July 12, 2012, 04:55:11 PM »
I looked up Iclicker and it is still $1600 for a class set of 24.  I do not have that much money.  What is the software used for the mouse response system. I am still looking for anyone who can build a program to use the wiimote.

There are some on-line programmes that you can use now. I use Socrative, but I would like to see something that is more in keeping with the wiimote system. The one at Socrative is pretty labour intensive and you need access to either smart phones or laptops etc. The Smart phone use was pretty buggy though.


Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard / Re: Whiteborad and Multitouch
« on: July 05, 2012, 06:44:40 AM »
Hey guys,

Sorry to bump the topic but I do have something of value to add! :-)

I have written an app which smooths and classifies the cursor input with multiple pens and can generate TUIO and Windows 7 events by directly interfacing with Daniel's aforementioned driver.  Essentially meaning it's done. :-)

I've been looking to get this kind of thing into my classroom. I have had some trouble with Windows 7 and recognising the bluetooth like a lot of others. I'm not a developer, but an end user so I'm not here to criticize, but I want to get my  students to be able to have two pens writing at the board at the same time. I have found a cheap (not free) programme (team player lite) that allows multiple cursors at the same time, and I'm wondering if this would work with this set up on Windows 7 (I don't have 7 to be able to give it a try) There is a 30 day free trial though so it doesn't have to cost anything to try it out.


Say Hi! / Greetings from New Zealand
« on: January 04, 2010, 06:42:22 AM »
Hi everyone, I'm setting up my interactive whiteboard this summer here in New Zealand and will be having fun talking to others here. I'm pretty new to these, but keen to get it up and running.

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