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General Hardware Talk / Wii Remote stands
« on: January 27, 2008, 09:39:27 PM »
The one piece of hardware that needs to be included beyond any of the IR devices is the stand for the Wii Remote.  I doubt Nintendo will approve a game with the instructions, "Balance the Wii Remote on top of your television," or any other non-explicit directions.  Game designers will have to have a way to efficiently mount the Wii Remote before they can market their game.

To this end consider providing a Wii Remote battery cover that has a fitting for a camera tripod.  Since camera tripods are meant to protect what they are holding and are designed for balancing cameras on different surfaces, the camera tripod would provide an ideal base for for the Wii Remote.

Using a product that is familiar and already on the market saves on design, testing, and informing the public about how to use a new piece of hardware.  I'd love to see a rendering if any designer out there would be good enough to put one together.

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