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A mix of things.  After trying everything boonjin had suggested and playing around for who knows how long, I thought I'd have another crack at it after I'd reformatted my pc (got a new HDD) and replacing batteries.

Although I had tried removing all drivers .ect before, it did work better after the format.  I had to try both of my bluetooth dongles in turn with smoothboard both dual and single wiimote mode, trying both windows and widcomm drivers in turn, and turning off windows online update.  None of this worked, but by then my wiimote battery had diminished to the point where it was unable to successfully pair.  I replaced battery, removed all drivers, reset with the dongle removed, used dual wiimote mode in smoothboard, pressed 1+2 repeatedly, and it worked with both BT21 and mini bluetooth usb with widcomm and windows drivers respectively, and would not work with the other drivers.

Both bluetooth dongles have different ups and downs: the mini bt usb tends to be flaky if I start the computer with it already inserted, BT21 doesn't have the problem but it will not work with windows stack.  I'll probably stick with the mini bt usb for my win7 computer.

Ok, after trying every conceivable configuration out and having to change batteries three times, I got the wiimote connected and responding.

Thanks for the help boonjin.

Thanks for the help boonjin.  Yeah when the main window of smoothboard launches I get one wiimote led illuminated regardless of the bluetooth adaptor I'm using.  Freetrack has been a pretty good indicator since it will show an attached wiimote but won't let you start unless it has been paired properly (tried this on the laptop).  No such luck with win 7.

I don't think I'll worry about connecting it now though, I've bought two bluetooth dongles and neither are doing the trick, I'm a bit reluctant to get a third just to give it a go.

I've done some serious testing today following a reformat of my harddrive using the multiple 1/2 button press as opposed to holding them.  This is how it stacks up:

Windows XP Home with Widcomm:
The Asus BT21 connects perfectly, one light illuminates after the pairing and the wiimote can then be used in applications such as freetrack and smoothbaord.
The mini bluetooth usb does not work, the lights continue to flash after it is paired.

Windows Vista Home 32 bit:
Asus BT21 connects perfectly with widcomm.
Have not tested the mini bluetooth usb.

Windows 7 Professional 64 bit:
Both bluetooth dongles have the same problem with both windows 7 and widcomm drivers; the wiimote lights continue to flash after pairing.
With smoothboard and widcomm drivers, I managed to pair the wiimote to the bt21 once.  Battery indication showed in smoothboard, pressing button A brought up the calibration screen, however the wiimote did not work in other applications such as freetrack and wiinremote, same results were had with multiple wiimote mode on smoothboard.  I have not been able to replicate this ever since.  With the widcomm drivers, the mini bluetooth usb cannot pair with the wiimote successfully even with smoothboard.

It seems from this that there is no problem with the wiimote.  I'm baffled as tor why I can't get windows 7 going!

Update:  If I uninstall with device manager in the control panel, reset and then pair with smoothboard 2 from the outset (multiple wiimotes enabled) it gets 1 wiimote found, 0 connected.  It then tries to connect it and i sometimes get a message saying the device was not installed correctly.  Sometimes it says it did install correctly, and the lights continue to flash and 1 found 1 connected appears, before it goes back to "learning" and smoothboard continues to try and pair indefinitely in the same cycle.

Pairing with Win 7 still always "works" (except lights don't stop flashing), if I try and connect with smoothboard after this then I get the same connecting loop over and over.

I have tried with the BT21 and the Mini Usb Bluetooth adapter sold on the sites here.

I'm getting a similar problem.  I could connect my BT21 to a pc using windows xp with the widcomm drivers.  I can also get it working with the mini bluetooth usb.

I'm now trying to get it working on windows 7 x64 and I have the problem that when I try and use the default windows drivers the lights never stop flashing and I cant get any program to use the remote (wiinremote, smoothboard .ect).  If  I uninstall it and then use smoothboard to connect it the lights stop flashing and only one light remains illuminated but smoothboard says, wiimote error, "Error reading data from it connected?"  It shows up in the bluetooth devices and devices and printers as "Nintendo RVL-CNT-01"

I've tried a combination of things, going into devices, removing HID devices, removing bluetooth .ect, can't seem to get it going!

Sorry for the double post, but is it this mini bluetooth adapter (Belkin)?

Just making sure, a couple of different models came up with 'mini bluetooth' when I searched.


Glad to hear that it connects now. :)

The Mini Bluetooth USB adaptor should work for Windows 7 64-bit.

I would try it on my Windows 7 laptop again later to reconfirm.

Update: I have just tested the mini Bluetooth USB on my Dell laptop with Windows 7 64-bit and it works flawlessly with SmoothConnect. It is also able to connect 2 Wiimotes automatically.

Boon Jin

Thanks for the help, Boon Jin.  I'm going to look into ordering that Bluetooth USB you suggested, sounds like the perfect one for my desktop whereas I'll use the old one I already have on my Win XP laptop.

hi everyone i'm doing a project based on johnny lee's idea ....
i have been trying to learn the codes which he used on his project ...i have been success regarding to change the targets and background image .but MY QUESTION IS:
how can i load a object which ihave created in 3d max in to wii Desktop vr..any sort of help would be appriciate it  ..
best regards...

I'm interested in doing this too, but I don't think you'll get a straight answer or a simple solution.  Basically you're going to have to have some knowledge of how to code in C (# or ++?) in order to integrate it properly.  I think maybe if you ask in a C related forum how to mess with that code you might well be on the way.

...and now I can use my wiimote.  Legendary find!   ;D

Ok, thanks for the info.  I've tried some of these things already but I'll have another crack at it and see what I can do.  Otherwise, can anyone suggest a good Windows (preferably Windows 7) bluetooth driver friendly dongle?  Win 7 seems to have a really nice bluetooth setup standard, if I could use that by default it would be great.

Edit:  Tried the suggestions, and got the wiimote working!  You guys are absolute legends, I've been fiddling with this for months!  I'd still like a win 7-friendly bt for my other pc though.  Any suggestions?

Hi all,

I've read through the various stickies and other threads in this forum but I still haven't been able to solve my connection issues.  The relevant setup details are as follows:

Windows 7 64 bit on my desktop, Windows Vista 32 bit on my laptop
Latest Widcomm drivers, Asus BT21 bluetooth dongle

This bluetooth device is on the list of compatible devices.  I have tried to connect it with the windows default bluetooth software to no avail:  the lights continue to flash on the wiimote, and with various programs the best I can get out of it is a rumble .ect, but no output data.  Apparently this device is only compatible with the widcomm drivers, and thanks to a poster on this forum, I was able to skip the pairing process and everything went ok - except it still doesn't output!  I've tried smoothboard too, same deal, and I get that error about checking whether a Wiimote is connected.

Does anyone know what I can do, or if not, should I just buy a new BT dongle that is compatible with the default windows 7 drivers?

Thanks in advance, I'm keen to do some wiimote gaming!

Thanks for your help.

I tried those instructions using the Microsoft stack with Windows 7.  I can add the wiimote manually then the pc searches for drivers and it turns up as a HID device.  When I run smoothboard it takes ages 'learning' the wiimote then after about two minutes the program starts, but there is no output (even though the wiimote lights stop flashing and only one is illuminated) and the error message "Error reading data from it connected?" is displayed.  

Any idea what the problem could be?  Would this be something to do with modifying the bth.inf file?  Hopefully the bluetooth dongle isn't the problem, its listed as compatible on Wiibrew!

I also tried bluesoliel once but it didn't seem to 'agree' with my bluetooth dongle (said it couldn't detect it)

Edit:  I followed Boon Jin's instructions on the site for that particular error, but no luck  >:(

Hi guys,

I've been looking through some of these threads and it seems as though a few of you have sorted the problem out.  I'm using an Asus BT21 bluetooth device (usb), which is apparently a device that does work with the wiimote, and I'm trying to connect it as per the instructions above, but I have nothing like a "wiimote connection wizard" option come up.  I'm using vista, and the options I have are just "add a bluetooth device", "bluetooth exchange folder", "find bluetooth devices" .ect. 

Alternatively I've tried on win7 but whilst there is an option to skip the code part, like others I've had problems getting a response from the remote.  Is there any other solution to this Widcomm problem?

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