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Ummm, And why dont just use 2 ir pens, 1 ir pen for left click , and if is needed use the other pen(preassure sensitive) in the other hand and "click it in" and the software should translate the appearance of this other IR source as a right click?

Hi to everyone!, here it is:

Operating System: Windows 7 ultimate x64

Bluetooth Stack: Plug and Play device (i assume MS??)

Bluetooth Stack version: ? i think... 2.0(I check the box)  is that what you asking for? (a really cheap BT usb adaptor)

Connection Method using: i press 1 & 2 buttoms and then click add device in the BT icon...

Detailed description of what happens:
 This is my problem, I connect the wiimote to the pc it is recognized and appears in the devices menu =), and then I start glovepie, my wiimote blue ligths continue blinking,  and the select an script(air mouse demo script) and run it and then it shows a motionplus error (I have motionplus connected) after this i stop the script and run it again (for a second time) and then.. it works connection works and I can move the mouse cursor with the wiimote but after a few seconds or at most a minute it stop working and gives me the motionplus error and my wiimote disconnects ( no longer in the BT devices menu ), If I follow all the steps again it works again (connects, then run glove pie script gives me an error, I try the script one more time and it works) it disconnects again...  :'(, I was thinking the my problem was the wiimotion plus and i disconnect it and use only the wiimote with another script I found for mouse controlling but the problem persists(only a few seconds of functionality). I try this in another computer with Win XP  and it has the same problem. I dont have a wiiSensor or something like that =(, do you think that maybe the wiimote is the problem??(I dont test the wiimote in a wii console I will do this the next weekend) but like I said it works again after it disconnects ( i few minutes or seconds later) that is why I think that the wiimote is ok.  Ummm one more think before the disconnection my mouse cursor(controlled by the wiimote) goes crazy and it is drive to an extreme side on the monitor area and it struggles with my mouse movement and after this it .... DISCONNECT ! xD. thanks for your attention  ;D

A screen dump of your device manager : here are the screenshots( for this my wiimote bluelights dont stop blinking).
number 1:

number 2:


PD: Sorry for my english ><

UPDATE: i try this app : WPF (wii Data Visualizer) and ...  It works!! perfectly with this... no disconnection .... Even Rumble O.O!!, i can control everything(except power buttom), then what it is =S, glovepie problem with Win 7 .... but i try this with XP and... the same problem .. right now im not in my computer im at work with my BT adaptor and Im using Win 7 RC. I hope someone can help me, One thing I forgot to say was that the first time i try the wiimote I tried it installing Bluesoeil Drivers(the shareware and I without uninstalling the Plug and Play drivers) and it work with this but when i read that I can use the microsoft drivers i uninstall the bluesoleil drivers and run the glovepie scripts they worked and not only a few seconds ... so much more time then I experiment the disconnection problem and since that day ... the real problem started. I don know anything about protocol or that kind of things ... maybe that is the problem?( I'm speculating ). Thanks im waiting for your answers


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