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Wiimote Java Whiteboard / FR: resize/move the calibration zone.
« on: September 11, 2010, 09:06:33 PM »
Howdy. nym here. tech coordinator for Mission Dolores School + hip hop instrumentalist/amateur midi controller designer.

i've built a wiiboard for MDS and installed your software. it's lovely, you've done a fine job.

one thing that no (Free) wiiboard app handles yet is multiple monitor setups OR selective screen region control. in all current incarnations, the whiteboard calibration screen covers the entire area of a computer's output - all of 1 screen and (presumably) all of the 2nd monitor if you have a dual monitor setup.

what i'd like is a flexible box that you can resize to control certain parts of (or all of) a selected screen. (kind of like some screencapture applications, where you simply resize the box and capture just that space underneath).

examples of use:
- dual monitor setups where 1 screen is different resolution than the other (1 screen, 1 projector)
- IRpen mouse control over only 1 area of an application (such as a "sketchpad" or a space in which to draw audio volume automation data)
- optimizing infrared camera area on very large monitors/projection screens.

how feasible is this feature?

for the purpose of physically drawing automation curves (such as the one below) directly onto an LCD screen, this function would be incredibly and legendarily groundbreaking.

of course, i would be glad to help with extensive testing and well composed BRs.


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