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IR Pens / IR Pen with variable-stroke feature?
« on: March 15, 2011, 08:16:31 PM »
This is a question for programmers and electronics experts:

There are a lot of topics talking about IR pens "pressure sensitive" but what they really talk about is "pressure activation" ( could be achieved using a contact sensor for instance).
What an artist like me wants indeed is the possibility to add the variable-stroke capability to the IR pen. That's the real frontier between a graphic tablet and the wiimote project.

So I was making some readings over there and I wonder if is possible to install some kind of pressure optical sensor, photodiode, phototransistor, etc. into the IR pen that could control this feature. If not directly towards the wii remote may be through bluetooth, etc. to the computer software.

Is that possible? It would be great.

Forgive my english please.

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