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I found what I was looking for. It's QuickUSB from IR Great Innovations (
It allows remote powering of the wiimotes. I'll connect this to a swithchable power bar near my desk.
Simple as: start SmoothBoard software, turn power bar switch on, wiimotes then go into discovery mode, SmoothConnect does the rest.

jdkestewart started this thread two and a half years ago, and from my 10 hour reading on the subject I haven't seen any breakthrough in remote syncing since. Has there been?

Using a ruler to push the 1&2 buttons on my two ceiling-mounted wiimotes is not practical for our staff. And I'm not ready to open up my wiimotes to do soldering and make a remote switch for the inside red sync switch.

My best option would be the permanent push of the 1&2 buttons using a piece of plastic and tie-wraps.

jdkestewart: [This] would present numerous problems... Any user with a Class 1 Bluetooth transceiver would likely "see" all the Wiimotes in the building.
Would this be a problem in a school? Is there a risk for the wiimote itself beeing in permanent sync mode?

John, did you implement your idea?

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