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Say Hi! / (Another) Hi from the UK
« on: February 24, 2008, 06:22:24 PM »
Hi everyone, just thought I'd introduce myself to you guys and say hi!

I'm a final year university student at the international film school of wales in the uk... studying animation, specializing in motion graphics at the moment. However, I really want to introduce interactivity into my work, and move into installation stuff! I've been meaning to try out the wii's technology for a wile!

I'm totally new to the engineering and coding side of stuff, so apologies in advance if i bug anyone for answers to questions that have already been covered in the forums. (I'll try my best to find relevant threads before starting new ones! lol)  :-[

Anywho.... I'm gna crack on & try out the desktopVR app first. If anyone has any suggestions, hints or tips feel free 2 msg me! haha

adios amigos

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