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After much digging and calculating I have come up with a formula for calculating Roll that seems to work fairly decently.  Under the highest end accelerations it seems to lose some accuracy, but that is actually perfect for my game design.

RollX(t) = tan(aX(t)/sqrt(aY(t)^2 + aY(t)^2))

I also adjust mine by assuming that the initial roll is 0.  Roll(t) - Roll(0)

I don't know if this formula is 100% accurate it just seems to hold true during all but the highest accelerations in my testing.

Using just the accelerometer data (no IR) is it possible to calculate the angle the Wiimote is being held at while swinging it?  I have found various trig calculations on the net but they all seem to break down when the wiimote is in motion.  I am trying to determine the release angle of a simulated disc throw so that I can plug the angle and force values into my calculations for how far the disc should travel.  Maybe there is a better way to do this (without using IR tracking)? 

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