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IR Pens / Re: IR LED Power question
« on: April 26, 2008, 06:21:01 PM »
Yeah, when I tried using a DVD/VHS combo remote with the Wiimote, I had fewer problems with the range...except that the remote blinks causing erratic behaviors onscreen.

What IR LED do you recommend?

IR Pens / IR LED Power question
« on: April 26, 2008, 03:57:32 PM »
I'm having trouble getting the Wiimote to see my IR LED in Johnny's configuration (See  It only sees the light when it is pointed directly at the camera at about an inch or so away or closer.  More than an inch away and anything less than straight on and the IR visibility numbers disappear.

Here are the parts I'm using.

New AA Battery
Radio Shack 270-401A battery holder
Radio Shack 276-0143 IR LED with the following specs:
   Absolute maximum ratings (25 deg C)
      Forward voltage (20ma):   1.6V
      Reverse voltage:          5V
      Reverse current:          10uA
      Wavelength:               940nm

   Electric characteristics (25 deg C)
      Radiant power output (100ma):   16mW min.
      Forward voltage:                1.2V
      Forward current:                100mA
      Viewing angle to 1/2 intensity: 45 deg

I haven't yet implemented the switch because I wanted to test whether the light was strong enough in the first place.  Apparently it's not (or there's something wrong with the Wiimote...but it does work fine with the actual Wii).

Can anybody help me here?  I've gotta have a better excuse for why was messing with this stuff and therefore didn't fix the bathroom sink today. ;)


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