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IR Pens / Re: Place IR led in rear of pen
« on: April 30, 2008, 08:26:37 PM »
I am thinking about how I always wrote on the white board when I was teaching.  Hand and wrist relaxed and in neutral position, not much movement there because of (1) the mostly large strokes being made so that everything is visible to students in the back of the room, and (2) babying the tendonitis in my hand and wrist.  Most movement was in the shoulder and elbow.  But every now and then, the angle of the pen to the board would vary more if I stretched or leaned over to write something at a difficult to reach part of the board, and occasionally I would have to contort myself to face the class while simultaneously writing.  I have seen another teacher habitually flip the marker around backwards in her hand to write and face the class at the same time. 

Analyze your own current habits.  If your hand and wrist are usually in a stable position, it may work.  If you use a lot of wrist movements, or vary the way you hold a marker, you'll probably have trouble with it. 

Either way, I can't imagine that it would work well if you ever plan on handing over such a pen to your students, because they won't hold it the same way that you do.  Goodness, half of them lean their oily hands on the white board and try to write with the marker as if it is a pencil. (shudder)

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