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Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard / Re: Needs pen advice for class demo
« on: April 15, 2008, 01:23:09 PM »
that switch should be fine. the idea is that it creates a current no matter which way it goes. are you sure that your not touching the end of the led to the other terminal or your solder isnt bridged or something?

as far as angles, thats what the calibration is for. when you calibrate it lets the software know what orientation you are using the wiimote in so angles only begin to matter when you are at too high of an angle from the area you are using the wiimote in.

you could start with the whiteboard app and then create portions of the calibrated area to do different things.

for instance, divide the calibration area into 9 regions, if something is detected in that region, it plays sounds with a certain pitch and effect. then you could have the "dancers" wear reflective tape and have a IR flashlight, or you could build a basic dance pad (look up DDR pad homebrew) or just attach LED's to peoples feet.

depending on how bright outside it is, you may need to go the route of having dancers wear the LED's or do a pad that has an led on different corners. remember you can only have 4 points max per wiimote

so you want both wiimotes for feet then? i am still confused as to what the second one will do since you have as mic as a sound input for visualizations.

you plug in a bluetooth adapter, you open either a BT(BT = bluetooth) program like bluesoliel or something, or you use windows built in drivers. open the BT control panel and hit find new device, hit the 1 and 2 buttons on the wiimote, then they are synced after you say no passcode. then run your program

for more indepth questions on this, google is your friend. someone may even have a youtube video one it.

this is springing to mind another conversation about a wiimote dance mat. heh

as for the wii theremin, i currently have someone code that does this, it is buggy and i didnt make the original synth portion but have adapted the wiimote to it.

i am confused by your use of 2 wiimotes and 2 laptops.

what sort of music are you trying to capture? preloaded sounds? different frequencies?

"second wii sends data for visualizacion"
what exactly are you looking to do here?

im sorry for not understanding fully.

Say Hi! / Re: multi touch grid issues
« on: April 15, 2008, 10:56:48 AM »
sure, i have had that problem, oh wait, what problem are we talking about again?

maybe if you post the actual message it reports.

also do you have the direct x sdk installed?
also are you running in basic colored mode for vista, or have the app running in windowed mode rather than full screen?

Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard / Re: Needs pen advice for class demo
« on: April 15, 2008, 10:40:22 AM »
Nick, a couple things:

the switch needs to turn the LED on, not off. im not familiar with that switch and how it works but it seems it may be the wrong one.

you can check in your camera to make sure the LED is only on when you press the button.

as for the video, perhaps just recording what you have as a problem and not your dogs, heh.

the reason the calibration goes haywire is because you are having the led always on so it is constantly getting a signal. if you correct your switch issue, that will alleviate the problem.

what is the model of that switch you used again? try and put some of the pertinent info in the post, not just on youtube.

i do believe they require the actual sdk not just the runtimes. if i were to compile the app and you ran it, you would see the same errors

Application.DoEvents() is built into the system.core i believe but if you have problems with that then your LOVE laptop has other issues.

it is basically a command that pumps the systems messages for that app so others can get processed in the correct order. I would venture to guess you dont have the direct x sdk installed?

I dont without actually seeing the error that you got.  ;)

Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard / Re: Trouble calibrating on a whiteboard
« on: February 29, 2008, 09:22:09 AM »
I had sort of the same issue when i was first starting, i would have to cancel calibration and start over so i added to my whiteboard app the display grid from the test app in the wii lib has and pushed that into my program. looking through my posts, i have made a few pictures of it and demonstrated it on youtube but that helps me see before i even start calibrating i make sure that my screen area is within that area.

IR Pens / Re: My IR pen looks awesome!- now with pics
« on: February 29, 2008, 09:18:01 AM »
that is what my next one will look like. I was in such a hurry to make my second pen, i just used a standard clunky radio shack battery holder on the end. my next one was going to be all internal, plus i was going to make another big one.

as for the switch not working, i have had sorted results with them working the same way. I always bend my terminals out a little bit so the solder will not touch, then i use a dab of hot glue to ensure that even more so. also. make sure the LED isnt wired up backwards, that can be a problem. I burned through 2 led's before i realized they had a pos and neg terminal, oops.

another thing i do when i make a pen is have a camera ready. after every step and every solder i check its status. like solder the wire to one side of the led, then check to make sure it lights up, solder the other side, make sure it lights up...etc. all the way until the pen is completely assembled.

looks great though! my only other suggestion is to put something on the tip of the led (hot glue dab then before it really hardens touch it to make it a little rougher so it doesnt just pass the light through) or some sort of plastic end cap. you can see what i am talking about

IR Pens / Re: IR LED Problems - Weak LED
« on: February 26, 2008, 05:59:23 PM »
radio shack sells 2 different ones. they have the 2pack that has the IR photoreceptor and the ir led and the led in that pack is 20ma i think.

the other is the high output IR at 100ma and thats what i am using on all my pens so far and it works great. just make sure you have the proper resistor to pump its max voltage. i always use 1.5 through my LEDs so when you plug your rig into the LED calc, tell it you want 1.5 forward voltage for each LED

Project Ideas / WPF Wiimote Integration
« on: February 26, 2008, 12:02:00 PM »
Just saw this link

but Rudi Grobler made a little WPF app to mess with the wiimote. I have not messed with it yet but will grab it tonight. thought you guys might want to see it/play with it.

sorry, should have read a little closer.
its actually Matthias Shapiro's app

pip i stopped playing in the arcades and got a cobalt flux because the arcades around here suck with wanna be's and bar rapers

as for a 20 point init, i personally wouldnt want to do that every time i set the thing up. but thats just me.

no matter how you do it, your going to get misreads but i think statically putting your leds somewhere versus on your shows is a better option for ease of programming. if you make the program that takes the 20 point init then awesome, that is your way of doing things and i hope it works good because it requires less hardware but will take more programming. i still think its hard to do (with the way i play) unless you put a band all te way around your leg or foot so when it is spotted it is treated like one hit but would be hard when your feet are close together, i.e. left plus up or 2 together depending on where the wiimote is.

**LOVE** for the arm chair thing, totally doable with a bright enough array of IR LED's shinning on you, or if you put a pingpong ball (or something white reflective) on your hand then it is doable.

the real problem i see is will you have the wiimote in the same place everywhere you go.

you will need to have it always mounted the same or else you will have to go through a similar calibration method.

this may not sound bad but calibrating for your feet is a little different than on screen. the wiimote is like a flash light, you have a specific area where it is really good at detecting. if you move closer to or farther from the wiimote, then your resolution for your capture area changes.

i think that it would be much better to say if Raw1.X and Raw1.Y is in this area then its a left and stuff but when you move the wiimote in and out or to a different angle, then those areas would not alway be so static and you would have to spend a little time saying here is the left top left corner, left bottom right corner, up top left corner, up bottom right corner.... and so on.

or i guess you could calibrate by it would ask for left, so you stomp where you think you would stomp and then it watches that spot and a radius around it, then you do the same with all the other directions but you could run into overlap and confusion.

also think about turning and such. i dont know how proficient you are at ddr but i rarely always am facing the same way. its so much easier when you can turn and spin and such but, getting the right angle to capture that might be hard. when you go for that spin move on afronova, it might not pick up that back button you would have hit on the arcade... but thinking about this just digs you in even more.

if your going to go the DDR route, you could take a pad that has lights, or build one, and then add 4 IR led's one on each corner, or somewhere that you can see all of them with one wiimote like this

Code: [Select]
O___O___O___O  or ______O______
|   |   |   |     |   |   |   |
|___|___|___|     |___|___|___|
|   |   |   |     O   |   |   O
|___|___|___|     |___|___|___|
|   |   |   |     |   |   |   |
|___|___|___|     |___|_O_|___|

and then position the wiimote so it can see this and say if you catch in this quadrant initiate an up ...and so on for each direction.

the same can be said with drum area, you could have a led on a "drum stick" and have the battery on a spring so when you hit or when the direction changes, it triggers a momentary burst of ir and depending on where it was, triggers different drum sounds, or something.

the dance pad would work the same way, 2 contacts thinly separated by some material(commercial pads use swiss cheese like foam) and when you apply pressure, those points touch and a signal is sent. just wire the IR LED to the outbound power and you should be good to go.

doing this route you wouldn't have to worry about processing only a certain times with an always on LED and you could also aim your led's the direction the wiimote will be in so it can be sure to pick them up. you will usually only ever have 2 triggered at one time.

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