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Bluetooth & Connectivity Help Center / WiimoteTest question
« on: May 13, 2008, 01:16:37 PM »
OK, I'm connected, etc. etc.

Now I'm building/running WiimoteTest but am failing on this call:
  if(HIDImports.HidD_GetAttributes(mHandle.DangerousGetHandle(), ref attrib))

for all devices. Under HID the device manager shows

Bluetooth Remote Control
Bluetooth Virtual HID Device
HID-conpliant consumer control device
USB Human Interface Device

None of these has the VID/PID pair that the program expects

   private const int VID = 0x057e;
   private const int PID = 0x0306;

but that's OK (for now) because to get to the code that checks the VID/PID I must
pass the above call.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Bluetooth & Connectivity Help Center / SOLVED - Security Code/PIN
« on: May 02, 2008, 04:25:31 PM »
In performing the six "Getting Connected" steps here

at step 4, my system will not allow me to skip without entering
a PIN. Will this be a problem and, if so, is there away around
it. Perhaps I'm missing something?

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