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IR Pens / Re: is the infrared Ligth dangerous?
« on: May 14, 2008, 10:34:51 PM »
Like most posts have said, unless it's focused to a small area, at a relitively high power per area, and at a close distance to the eye, it really poses no risk.

Power Supply (quantity x [v & mAh]): 1 x AA 1.5v
IR Led Strength (ma): 1.5v 40mA
IR Field of view (degree's): 45 degrees
IR LED Supplier (inc code if poss): RadioShack
IR LED location on pen: Tip
Resistor (none/ohms): none
Switch type: Pushbutton momentary and a toggle switch
Working distance from Wiimote (line of sight distance from board to wiimote) (m): used at 2m
Maximum distance from Wiimote (m): 5m (unsensitive)
Light conditions (dark/bright/ambient): all lighting conditions, even outside.
Location of the Wiimote (give detail- distance/height/angle/mounting):Mounted on a tripod 2m from the center of the screen offset to the right. Even with the center of the screen. 0 degrees.
Projection media (whiteboard/sheet/projector screen/LCD): Parabolic projector screen
Special instructions on hold pen to ensure success: Set up for left handed people. Don't pull the pen far away from the screen.
Bluetooth connection: Kensington dongle
3 most commonly used programs controlled with Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard: My-T-Soft Virtual Onscreen Keyboard, Photoshop, firefox
Anything else relevant: Wiimote is setup for lefthanded people. When the pen is farther (2-3 inches) from the screen two IR signutures are found due to the angle of the LED and reflection from the screen. I used a broken airsoft silencer for the pen. I have some planned expansions to add a scroll wheel and right click.

Project Ideas / 2 wiimotes white board
« on: May 14, 2008, 12:38:42 AM »
Using the white board has proven a huge entertainment for my family and I the problem is we need to set up the wiimote in different locations depending on who's using it (weather it be a right/left handed issue or a high issue). This would help a lot lets say if one wiimote is blocked I've been looking around and in other systems using more then one wiimote work so it's possible, but would it be easy to change the white board code to use more then one wiimote (drop down menu perhaps?) with the system?

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