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IR Pens / First try of a zero-cost ir pen :)
« on: May 17, 2008, 07:09:51 AM »
Hello everyone :)

2 days ago i found the wii project website with the interesting videos.

Myself and a friend are wii fans - so we already got the remotes :)

Yesterday we started building a "test pen" without a good plan. We build a really ugly, but working, ir pen out of the following things:
- 1 emtpy pen
- 1 unused remote of an old dvd player
- some wire
- a battery
- some glue & tape

We used the remotes ir led, made a switch out of a spring (was in the pen) and some wire. The battery is hold in place by a small plastic part of the remote - some more wire to connect everything and it worked.

Ok, maybe not that interesting so read this. But because we just wanted to build a working test object without buying any stuff (ok actually we just wanted to have fun building it out of nothing :) ) it looks really... well was his word for the sensor bar attached to the cap... oh yeah: "goofy" :)

Have fun watching our pen ;)

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