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new thread new version.

Works with MS BT-stack and Windows Vista/XP

if you don't have the XP stack follow this tutorial to use it.

- start app on connect
- glove pie starter
- automatic removal from known devices list
- tray icon (startup send to tray now in settings)
- autoconnect on startup
- multiple wiimote detection
- autoconnect to wiimotes
- autokill started programms
- some bugs fixed

- other BT stacks

download it here:

constructive critics welcome


that message is there because i remove the wiimotes from the known bluetooth devices before connecting them.
i think about removing it but not in the next version.

starting apps now works ok here maybe i'll upload the new version today.

in autoconnect mode it starts the app when a wiimote is connected, if no wiimote is connected it'll kill the application.


hey, I already programmed that functionalety ;) i just have a problem with starting apps at the moment if i fixed that ill upload the newest version.


Hey thank you for your donation.

I'll upload a new version soon including the autoconnect feature shown in the debug version.

Benpaddlejones send me some info from Bluesoleil but i hadn't the time to take a look and don't have a stick using it.
I'm also looking forward to include Widdcomm support.

But i have to say it may take a while to integrate these...



these options only exist in the debug version i attached to a earlyer post (Posted on: January 24, 2009, 03:40:45 PM)


Other / Re: Does 45 field of degree for wii mean totally 90 degress?
« on: January 29, 2009, 05:24:54 AM »
I think it is really just a 45 degree angle but ill check it if i find some time.


Hey, i have not encountred that exact problem although i had the problem with having to remove the wiimote from the bluetooth dialogue before reconnecting and implemented it into my software. My software automatically removes the device before adding it again.

Which connection method are you using?

"learned" is the recomended one, although it doesn't start programms automatically at the moment. It is the most relyable way to connect the wiimotes and also the fastest.

If you are using the "old" way make sure you have checked the "clear wiimotes before connect" option checked.

The "Bluetooth Peripheral Device" wich windows cant find a driver for is seldom, I got one on my laptop here but i know it is from my Nokia phone.


I had a problem once that one app i tried out was somehow crashing the wiimote. After crashing my wiimote connected but no programm would connect. I removed the batterys from the wiimote for a few seconds and then put them back in and voila it worked again!


ok, my compilation should normaly work on x86 and x64 but i compiled a version for you that is only x64 maybe that works, i can't run it here because i have a x86 system. try it out and give me response if its working or not.

I already heared from another x64 user that it doesn't seem to work... don't know it jet. Could you upload a screenshot of the dialogue you get when manually searching for BT devices? But you are right it seems you are using the standard bt stick. Ill take a look in compiling it for x64 machines.


please put your question in the original thread!!!-please-test-it/45/

wich stack are you using? my programm only works with the Microsoft stack!
if you are using MS stack does it work with with the not "debug" version of wiimoteconnect?

please reply in the wiimoteconnect thread.


Hey, great finding! I hope this works with most of the bt sticks because for my application the original windows stack is essential.

Maybe I/we should write a programm wich automatically ads the stick to the whql list and and installs the standard drivers.


Good idea! But this method should only work for the bluesoleil stack. If anybody with the standard windows stack would like to try autoconnect he can check out my attempt here:!!-please-test-it/msg8071/#msg8071

would love some feedback, if it works i'll implement it properly


I just read the other posts concerning automatic wiimote connection.
If anybody wants to check out my attempt on autoconnect you have to do this:

1. download attachement
2. extract it
3. run it
--on first start to learn the wiimotes--
4. go to settings
5. click the learn button
6. put wiimotes into discovery mode
7. klick ok

after a few seconds it should display how many wiimotes it found.

8. klick ok
9. klick ok to close settings

from now on if you start programm and klick the "a" button the programm searches for wiimotes every 20 seconds!

So if you have tho programm running in the background all you have to do is to continiously press a+b and the wiimote will connect.
To disconnect it turn the wiimote off.
Press a+b again to connect it again.

this is really just a try, i want to know if that method works before i implement it better!

Not implemented jet:
- start programms in learned/automatic mode
- automatic mode on startup
- variable scan interval

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