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no prob, hope you go on testing the app because i'm not sure if it eventually works with other bt stacks too.

i just found out something that might be your problem!
i tried to use wiinremote with my wiimote but it didnt work. it somehow messed up my wiimote. the connection is established just as before but when i start the whiteboard it says "no wiimote found". to make it work again you have to take out the batteries and then put them back in place and then reconnect it.

i'm working on the code right now i already programmed a new way to determine if the wiimote is connected.
gonna upload an update later ;)


hm, is there any error or does it say "connected" but just the whiteboard doesnt work?

as long as no programm is startet that uses the wiimote countinious blinking means the wiimote is connected properly, if there is no connection the wiimote will stop flashing after some 20 seconds or so.

johnnys whiteboard is using the wiimote lib you can download the lib and the package contains a test tool, if jou get a connection with that one something other goes wrong.

also using the built in bt doesn't necessarily mean you are using the ms bluetooth stack, som vendors bundle their products with widcom or similar stacks... see attachement, thats what you need (sorry only in german)

also i can't really test x64 compatibility


ok, what is the path in the textbox? can you paste it here?

does the bottom of the dialog become green and says connected?

after doing the connecting procedure the program waits a few seconds and thenn checks if the wii is connected after that it launches the programm, maybe the period is to short and when i check if it is connected it isn't jet so the program isn't gonna start.

but i just got an idea how to fix this, i aint got my wiimote with me but i gonna wite it now and upload another version. i can't test it with my wiimote so you have to.


you're right about the name, ill think about a new one, didn't think that far!

why not work together, have you got some interface definitions or something like this?

Bluetooth & Connectivity Help Center / Re: wiimote vista
« on: May 26, 2008, 05:42:45 AM »
you could try to use the programm i developed, it should work with standard ms vista bluetooth stack


« on: May 26, 2008, 05:28:38 AM »
wouldn't it be possible to put some kind of diffusor in front of the led? something like sanded plexiglass?

you deleted the link, not the attachements as i wanted ;) there is a dll missing in the attachement.

i corrected it but i can't find a way to delete an attachement.


//edit everything ok, attachements removed now, was blind ;)


I wrote a little app to easyly connect a wiimote to a vista computer using the standard windows vista bluetooth stack.
The app works fine on my DELL D630 running Vista SP1.

find the new version in the new thread

so this thread can be closed

- start app on connect
- glove pie starter
- automatic removal from known devices list
- tray icon (startup send to tray now in settings)
- autoconnect on startup
- multiple wiimote detection

- other BT stacks

I havn't got a second Vista PC here so I need you people to test the app.

Seems to work with Vista and XP with the standard Microsoft bluetooth stack

loaded the pics and the right zip file onto my webspace

//updated Version 0.5

//updated Version 0.5.9 (2008/11/11)
- added multi wiimote support
- fixed app starting bugs

Constructive critics welcome!


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