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With the first dongle I was using Widcomm, tried every version possible.

For the one that works, used BlueSoliel (uninstalled Widcomm). Works fine now.

Well, I got it to work on Vista with BlueSoleil 5.0, and XP with BLueSoleil 6.0, and worked immediately. It was trying to use other stacks that was the issue for me.

General Discussion / Re: WiiMote without batteries
« on: June 18, 2008, 04:02:36 PM »
USB gives 5 volts, so it could. Uncertain on the current draw though. If playing with USB, you have to be careful, because you can fry your computer if it is hooked up incorrectly.

General Discussion / Re: WiiMote without batteries
« on: June 18, 2008, 11:37:14 AM »
There is no practical way to go without batteries. But here are my suggestions, all but the first sarcastic for my own twisted amusement.

You could get a regulator from a wall socket that goes down to 3V, and clip to the leads on the wiimote. But that would be inconvenient, as you would now be tethered.

Get some solar cells, and play in a very sunny place. Again, hook up the leads to the battery clips. Maybe get it to charge a cell so that you can keep playing if a cloud passes over.

There are radios and flashlights that have cranks that you turn a bunch to charge a capacitor, maybe strip one of those apart and hook it up to your wiimote, as long as the voltage out is fine. Weight would be an issue though.

Michael, let me explain what is happening. This is a hardware issue, not a software issue.

It seems like your computer is not set up with bluetooth hardware, and you are not using a bluetooth dongle. just downloading software will not let you use bluetooth. It is like trying to connect to a wireless internet network without a wireless card in your computer. it just won't work.

That is why it is saying "can not start bluetooth" and "bluetooth hardware not found". You need to buy a bluetooth dongle to plug into a USB port. Go find buy that can use BlueSoliel, and then you should be set.

Got it to work!!!

For Vista, you need to use bluesoleil 5.0, not 6.0, and it works just fine.

Wiimote Desktop VR/Head Tracking / Using Vista, anyone ahve issues?
« on: June 05, 2008, 07:59:22 PM »
It won't launch for me, gives me huge error, and I can't select it is my cursor goes invisible when over the window. I have the wiimote connected, tested it with other programs.

Has anyone gotten this program to work on Vista yet?

I get a long huge error that says something at the end about "JIT debugging" and turning it on, but can't figure out how. Anyone else get this? Any help?

Bluetooth & Connectivity Help Center / Re: Battery Life
« on: June 05, 2008, 06:11:25 PM »
Either just turn off the wiimote when not in use, or if you can, make a 3V (it uses two 1.5V batteries, right?)  voltage source that plugs into  a wall socket and clips onto the battery clips for the wiimote.  otherwise, the wiimotes are notorious for draining batteries fast.

Would that mean I need to uninstall BlueSoleil and let Wondows find drivers online?
I was using the WiddComm stack on Vista, and used that program of yours, and had the same issue. If it is not WiddComm that you are talking about but something else, then I will try it. Is it?

Sorry for the repost, but this is a bit different now.

OK, gave up on my WiddComm stacking, new dongle. Works perfect on XP, all programs go, no issues or extra work.

On Vista, I load BlueSoleil, and I can connect the WiiMote, but no prgrams say it is connected. Lights are flashing (like on XP), BS says it is connected and services up, claims it is a joystick. Anyone have this issue at all? Any help appreciated.

In device manager, there is a yellow warning sign on the HID device, and says "This device can not start. (Code 10)"  if that helps at all.

Running BS 6, should I downgrade to 5?

Screw it!!!
Got XP to work, then it didn't, 2 hours of effort later it worked, only to not work after restarting and/or removing and plugging back in the dongle. Kept using the 5.0 Widdcom stack rather than 4.0 despite what I installed. Seems like it would be easier wit ha different dongle.

Getting a new dongle that I saw used in a demo of "how to use a WiiMote on Vista/XP" that uses BlueSoleil. Hopefully that will work.

Seems the forum is divided into two groups mainly; those that got it to work fast, so are unfamiliar with all the issues others have, or those that can't get the damned thing to work. Thus there seems to be a lot of experimentation needed, as answers are hard to come across.

Yes there are some differences between the 1&2 buttons and the sync button

I never had to use the sync button myself tho...

Well, I saw some guides say to use it. I am not using BlueSoleil, but the WidComm stack, so that may be partially why.

But can you think of any reason why it would work on XP, but not on Vista? Says that the WiiMote is active and attached (in WiinRemote) but I can not get out any output, be in WiinRemote or GlovePIE. I really need it for the Vista application. Please, any help? I don;t want to have to buy a secondary dongle, would prefer to use the primary.

On Vista 32, was able to get it to work on XP.

Used the WidComm stack, and when I open WiinRemote it says that the controller is Active. But I can't see any output on the screen. Anyone ever have this issue? Any ideas for solutions?

Well, no replies, but I fixed it for the XP.

Used the Sync key rather than 1+2 button, and linked up fine.
Going to start new topic for the Vista issue.

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