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Wiimote Desktop VR/Head Tracking / Using Vista, anyone ahve issues?
« on: June 05, 2008, 07:59:22 PM »
It won't launch for me, gives me huge error, and I can't select it is my cursor goes invisible when over the window. I have the wiimote connected, tested it with other programs.

Has anyone gotten this program to work on Vista yet?

Sorry for the repost, but this is a bit different now.

OK, gave up on my WiddComm stacking, new dongle. Works perfect on XP, all programs go, no issues or extra work.

On Vista, I load BlueSoleil, and I can connect the WiiMote, but no prgrams say it is connected. Lights are flashing (like on XP), BS says it is connected and services up, claims it is a joystick. Anyone have this issue at all? Any help appreciated.

In device manager, there is a yellow warning sign on the HID device, and says "This device can not start. (Code 10)"  if that helps at all.

Running BS 6, should I downgrade to 5?

On Vista 32, was able to get it to work on XP.

Used the WidComm stack, and when I open WiinRemote it says that the controller is Active. But I can't see any output on the screen. Anyone ever have this issue? Any ideas for solutions?

Using a Kensington adapter. Used the software that came with it.
Using Wiinremote.

Last night I got it to work on my PC (Windows XP). Today, when back from work, it doesn't work! The lights just keep blinking. It claims I have connected it, but on WiinRemote it says there is no controller connected.

Anyone have this happen? Help?
Does BlueSoliel really fix some of these issues? And if so, do I need to unistall my previous drivers?

Thanks for any help!


On Vista, it says software for the HID is loaded successfully, WiinRemote when on says that it is calibrating the Mote, but then really quickly says the WiiMote is disconnected and my lights stop flashing.

On XP, I got the WiiMote to connect, and WiinRemote to say the WiiMote was active. One LED is on on the controller. But there is no signal shown from the accelerometer. Any suggestions?

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