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Bought a BT dongle, installed the software that came with it (BlueSoleil Release 070421), and followed the instructions, but after looking for a while it says "No new device is found". Note that I press the 1 and 2 buttons on the wiimote at the same time (with the wiibox on?) when BlueSoleil is looking for devices, but ... the 4 lights at the bottom of the wiimote do NOT flash, whereas they apparently are supposed to do that. Could that be the reason BlueSoleil cannot find the wiimote? If so, why?

Appreciate your help!

Cheers - Michael


I had the feeling I missed something in my setup, but I am new to all this and in the 'handy' instructions I have read so far nobody speaks about a dongle, presumably because that is a given for you experts, but not for me!

Anyway, I will buy a bluetooth dongle tomorrow and then I'll try again. Watch this space!

And ... many thanx

Cheers - Michael

Thanx again, I am getting a bit further (but regrettably not thaat much further, so more help would be appreciated!)

1. I run Windows XP
2. After uninstalling Bluesoleil, I managed to get to the Device manager, and ... I have no standard bluetooth device (couldn't find "Bluetooth USB" anywhere)
3. Installed Bluesoleil
4. The bluetooth logo (again no icon in the bottom right) again gives a window titled "Bluetooth places", with two lines: "Search Devices" (<--Disabled) and "My Device"; Again clicking the latter gives "Cannot start bluetooth. bluetooth hardware is not found" (and my wiimote is next to my laptop, switched on?)
5. Even though 4 is not encouraging, I opened Bluesoleil (double-clicked on BlueSoleio.exe), but there are only 3 pulldown menus ("Bluetooth", "View" and "Help"), and I cannot find "Display" as per your instructions. [The "Bluetooth" pulldown menu has (i) Search Devices (disabled), (ii) My device properties (disabled) and (iii) Close (only one enabled!); The "View" pulldown menu has "Arrange devices by...", with it's 3 submenus (name, status, type) greyed-out]

Clearly things are going pear-shaped, and I still feel that I am missing something fundamental. Can you help me a bit further? Much obliged!

Cheers - Michael (from Spain)

PS: Went to the help: to insert a piccie, you need to upload to a website first? - sounds very tricky!

Thanx very much for an incredibly well worked out reply!

I still have some issues getting going with this though. I'll only explain the first one or two problems, and if you can help me there, then I can hopefully follow the rest. Here goes:

1. How do I run device manager?
2. I have a bluetooth logo (no Ikon in the bottom right), and if I double click that, I get a window titled "Bluetooth places", with two lines: "Search Devices" and "My Device"; the former is inactiave, and when I click the latter, a balloonn pops up saying 'Cannot start bluetooth. bluetooth hardware is not found'
3. I downloaded bluesoleil yesterday. It only has Bluetooth and Help menus, and the "About bluesoleil" menu-item shows me that I have BlueSoleil (looks more like an IP address), which is very different from your!? How do I get my dirty fingers on the version of BlueSoleil you use??

Cheers - Michel

PS: I cannot paste piccies in my reply. How do you insert them??

Thanx for the reply.

It is clear that I come to this completely cold, as I don't know what you mean with "You need bluetooth in your notebook". What does that mean?

I did indeed download bluesoleil (following Jimmy Lee's instructions), but then you say that "... it only works with some bluetooth hardware". What hardware are you referring to? the wiimote? [Does this mean that, if all works well, the wiimote can communicate with my laptop using bluetooth?]

I indeed have XP, so where can I find the built-in bluetooth driver?

Sorry for the many questions, but at this stage I am still puzzled by it all... Normally I catch up quickly though!

Cheers - Michael


I saw Jimmy Lee's VR clip, and as I have a Wii and a Laptop, I am keen to replicate. So I go to Jimmy's website where it says "1. Connect your wiimote to your PC via Bluetooth. if you don't know how, go this this tutorial". So I go to that tutorial, and download BlueSoleil as instructed. Then I start that (I only get 'BlueSoleil' and 'Help' pulldown menus, whereas the image in the tutorial has many more??), and point and click the wiimote at the orange sun as instructed and ... nothing happens.

I have the feeling my setup is wrong. I know nothing yet of bluetooth, so what does the phrase "activate your bluetooth adaptors as needed" mean here? Also, should I not have to use the wii-box somewhere in this setup? I mean, how can my poor laptop know that the wiimote it shooting at it's screen?

Appreciate your help here!

Cheers - Michael

Say Hi! / Newbie
« on: June 15, 2008, 05:25:39 AM »

I am new to this forum, and basically want to get Jimmy Lee's VR trick going, at which I am failing at the moment. I will be posting a topic on the bluetooth page, so if you could help me there, i'd appreciate it!!

Cheers - Michael K.

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