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Anyone here from the UK might be intrested to know that Maplin have a tiny BT adapter (really Tiny. It only projects 5mm beyond the USB port!) on sale for £9.99 at the moment
(I have seen the same model on Ebay for about half that from China but if you want one in a hurry)

As a bonus it comes with Bluesoleil which would cost more than that to buy on it's own.

The stock code is A53HQ iif anyone's interested.

I boght one this morning and it works perfectly

Wiimote Finger Tracking / Re: Grid of the Wiimote
« on: August 05, 2008, 11:03:10 AM »
To all those trying to utilise foil, mirrors, CDís etc I donít think you will have much luck. The problem is not that they are not reflective. Itís that they are too reflective in one direction only.

If you take a CD and shine a flashlight at it, the result will probably be a fairly tightly focused spot of light on the ceiling or wall somewhere. Now imagine that flashlight is your IR array and your wiimote is right beside it. It suddenly becomes quite obvious that all your IR is being bounced away rather than reflected back. Your CD/piece of foil/mirror is going to have to be at a very specific angle to reflect that light directly back to the Wiimote. Something thatís not going to happen if youíve got little bits of it on your fingertips and they are moving all over the place.

The material that Johnny uses, And the  material that the previous poster suggested getting from a bike shop (Aaso the reflective saftety tape you can buy to stick onto kids clothing )all do the same thing. Their surface is multifaceted so that whatever direction you shine a light onto it from, it will be reflected back to that light source.

I agree with Karma, buy some tape and ditch the mirrors

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