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Wiimote Desktop VR/Head Tracking / Re: about headtracking
« on: January 17, 2008, 01:16:01 PM »
lasers pens are dangerous for eyes, I red some kids where arrested for pointing to helicopters in the USA.

Wiimote Desktop VR/Head Tracking / Re: Integration of this cool idea
« on: January 16, 2008, 06:54:27 AM »
well, trackir does more than what the wiimote can do in Johny experiment, because it can detect the face orientation, however, no game implementation of trackir use the dynamic perspective like Johnny Lee did.
There is the parallax but not the anamorphic effect

Wiimote Desktop VR/Head Tracking / Re: Single camera vs 2 eyes
« on: January 16, 2008, 04:59:46 AM »
It probably also depends on people, the full experience is reached I guess with stéréoscopic vision, with that I guess you really have a static hollogram.

With stéréoscopic vision alone I guess if you have a an arrow coming out of the screen pointing to you when you are in front of the screen, the image will follow you when you move, and will always point at you.

With desktopvr I believe the arrow will remain immobile and will not point at you when you move.

I think both would be complementary, desktopvr with head tracking might give an illusion of proof but only when you move, and if you stop to move your brain will realise soon it's flat.

I posted this idea of johnny lee blog, to emulate the camera effect without a camera or technology and without shuting one eye.

I just saw alien vs predator and they use night vision googles in it.

Night vision googles are not binoculars, both eyes basically see the same image, so it's like you are watching through a camera, and there is no préservation of the stéréoscopic effect.

Thinking about that I remember when I was young I was playing with periscope.

So basically the idea is to have a google with two mini periscops that would make both your eyes see from the same point of view with same angle.
It would be kind of like you are looking from between your two eyes.

We can also imagine a similar google with two mirrors inclinated at 45 degres (north north-west direction) in front of each eye.
The right eye will be able to see through the glass, while the left eye will have is vision reflected on the both mirrors making the left eye see from the same angle than the right eye.

or maybe you can just hide one eye :D

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