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Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard / Re: Where can I get the source code from?
« on: November 21, 2008, 05:20:29 AM »

thanks for the reply
i'll try your application later this afternoon
i previously didn't try your one as i assumed that you would need to have java installed to run
will let you know how i get on

i found one link for joonbin's code:

but as far as i can tell this is version 0.2 - or something

does anyone know if there's a latest version somewhere?

thanks for the reply
i can pick one up for under 400
which compares favourably to buying an interactive whiteboard

forgetting that though... i wanted some feedback on the idea of having two sides each emitting infrared?


(also... the automatic email notification of thread replies doesn't seem to be working - i'm not getting emails when a thread i'm subscribed to gets replied to)  :(

Johnny Lee's invention: amazing

But... erm... surely it must be able to create something much simpler?
(But with less accuracy)

Have a look at
This is a nice cost effective contraption
It relies on 2 beams beamed at right angles and hey presto you can turn ANY surface into a touchscreen surface

It suffers from the rubbish whiteboard touchscreen syndrome: you have to use their software + 4 coloured pens (from what I can see).

I thought it would be really easy to have 2 sides
2 sides, one vertical and one horizontal
With both emitting infrared beams

When someone disturbs the somewhere inside, the exact location can be worked out
Add a little coding and you can have this interaction be the mouse
And: you have a touchscreen surface

See the attached image for what I mean

Surely someone must have tried this?

OK... so maybe the accuracy of the touchscreen won't be the same, it might be something like 100dpi
BUT: that would be perfectly OK if you're not planning on writing with the application and using as a windows interface

AND instead if you plan to build applications that have big buttons
For example for building software for young kids to interact with
Or may the outside of shop windows where the user will be using their fingers to press onto the window

The great thing is the 2 sides could be discretely hidden away and the user wouldn't see this

Does anyone understand what I'm talking about!!?

Please reply! :)



Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard / Where can I get the source code from?
« on: November 19, 2008, 07:32:16 PM »
I assume Johnny Lee's code is freely available
But JoonBin's isn't?
From what I have read, JoonBin has made some big enhancements from the original?
I'd like to make and add a few alterations.

If I can't get JoonBin's code... can I get Johnny Lee's code + smoothing code and make something as good as JoonBin's?
(I think I've read on JoonBin's website that he got the smoothing code from somewhere else?)



just thought i'd let you know: i've finnaly got round to trying it myself
it works beautifully!

i've tried it with 4 different types of rear projection screens and it all works fine!!


i can think of a million and one different applications and uses

and no need for any alterations to the software: it seems to work fine!

i'll post a video when i get a chance

that helps a lot actually
not having much experience of projectors... i was clueless
i'll give this a go
thanks :)

thanks for the replies

sounds great
look forward to seeing the video

i've got some samples of rear projection sheets
so will also be trying out monday

would be good to have a few videos if it does work

the only thing though is that: not all of the rear projection material is transparent
i've got 4 samples: 2 are see through and the others aren't
BUT: when i say transparent, i mean to the naked eye
so... i'm assuming all will be ok when you try the infrared pens with the wiimotes

where do i get the source code?
i couldn't find it anywhere...?
can someone tell me where it is?

what is it programmed in?
i'd have to set myself up with the compiler and everything else

your friend didn't have the same problem?
well... i couldn't make my mind up whether it would be a problem or not
one way, i was thinking: it doesn't matter where the wiimote is placed - because it's tracking the infrared

hey: thanks for the reply
that's brilliant! just what i wanted to hear!

If u put at the back of the projector screen, the movement of the cursor, y-axis will go in opposite direction. This will be the problem u will be facing. But if u know how to edit the code, it will be easy!

aaaah... see this is what i was wondering about! i wasn't sure, but i blindly assumed all would be ok!

for this part, i need help!

i can edit the code... but what do i need to edit?
can u let me know?  else, i'll have to go through all of the code and decipher everything!

work sounds great!
let me know when you guys have some vacancies ;)

what do u do for a living just out of interest?

erm... i downloaded again
and yes: ur right... i have an old version
weird: i only started reading about the whole thing (wiimote + whiteboard) a couple of days ag0... so not sure how i got a much older verion
will let u know if i still have the same probs with the newer version

When using a projector, how do I get a uniform screen when projecting at an angle?

(OK: not exactly a direct wiimote question... but I though I'd ask... as I assumed there would be plenty of experts on this forum)

I always end up with a wonky rectangle
OK: I don't have a huge amount of experience

Any replies would be great!



hey: that would be amazing!
really look forward to seeing it

to be honest: i thought i did have the latest version
i only dowloaded from the website yesterday

i gave u the version number by clicking on about

any other suggestions?

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