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reply from boon jin?  the man himself?  wow, i feel privileged! :)

first monitor: 1280 x 1024 (primary) - this is the one i want to do tracking on
second monitor: 1024 x 768 (secondary)
version of your software: 0.3.5 beta

let me know if i've missed giving anything

what my final setup will be is to have a laptop connected to a projector and have the projector screen be extended and use that to project onto

but with the bug i have: this won't be possible :(

the other thing: the tracking is there! but it seems to be off by 10cm
when i switch back to just one monitor, the problem goes away

am i doing something basic wrong?

also just thought i'd mention: the os is xp with all latest updates and service packs
(the machine i finally use on will be a vista machine though)
bluetooth is from a belkin b8t012

let me know what you think

thanks :)

Has anyone tried whiteboard with a rear projection screen?

I think the answer is yes! :)
I thought I'd ask anyway!

I've seen one or 2 videos where someone has projected from below and is using the whiteboard
So I assume this is being done as I'm suggesting, i.e. with a rear projection

But, I haven't seen this done well anywhere

What would be great: projecting onto a transparent projection screen and using the touch screen in front of the screen

You could have the wiimote behind the screen - which would be brilliant as it wouldn't get in the way of anything and you could have it positioned so that it's in the best most optimal position

I'm not sure if there would be any problems if the wiimote is placed behind?

I'll be doing EXACTLY the above very soon - just waiting to get a few parts together
It will be another week or 2 before I have everything ready

Would be great to know if someone has done it already?
I'd like to see a video or 2



Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard / Whiteboard trouble with multiple monitors
« on: November 08, 2008, 07:16:35 PM »
I'm having trouble with JoonBin's whiteborad and using on multiple monitors

(I've trie searching the forums for 'multiple monitors' but there's only one thread on the subject)

My PC has 2 monitors

I know that the application doesn't support multiple monitors

All I want to do is have the touch screen be only on one monitor

Problem: it just doesn't work

Instead, I have to just use one monitor

Is it possible to have 2 or more monitors as your screen space and us ONLY one of the screens for the touch screen?

I've tried choosing to use just a selected area, but still no luck

Not sure if relevant, but my monitors are of different sizes - one is 17" and the other is 15"



I'm using JoonBin's amazing whiteboard software

One of the measures is the 'tracking utilisation'
What is this?
I'm assuming: the hogher the value I get for this, the better the tracking?

I've got my Wiimot 2.5m high up and I'm getting 5% tracking utilisation
BUT: in terms of tracking... it still seems to be really good

Assuming the bigger the number for this, the better: how do I get near the maximum?




keep up the good work!

i was going to post this as a seperate post... but wasn't sure if you would want to put it in with the other threads you have:

instructions for connecting belkin f8t012:

1. install software from belkin
i found that the cd that came with it worked fine
the website version doesnt seem to be an update (i think) of the cd version

2. launch 'my blutooth places'
it should be one of the bottom right hand icons (i forget what this area is called!)
and/or should be in explorer

3. click on 'bluetooth setup wizard'

4. keep the first default option selected: 'i know the service....'
click next

5. scroll down and choose 'human interface device'
click next

6. now quickly go and press a + b together on the wiimote
if t doesn't find, hit a + b again and search again

7. it should be found and it should connect
it shouldn't ask you for a passcode or anything

the BIG problem i found is that the above instructions aren't the intuitive and proper way to connect a bluetooth device the conventional way

i started by clicking on 'search devices in range'
then hitting a+b on wiimote
then discovering and adding
and then i would get the box asking for a passcode

i would imagine this is the way you would add a new device with any other bluetooth software as well

i've tried it out a lot with boonjin's software: it's damn amazing!
the bluetooth connection has stayed solid
(though i had loads of fun to start with when i didnt realise the battery was dead and kept disconnecting on the wiimote)

hope the above is of help... to someone!


thanks for the reply
i started off by reading the links you gave
and still had no luck :(
but after your post: i read them again... and got it working :)

i definitely think the instructions need to be more easily understandable though

i'd suggest something like:

1. connect the wiimote to your pc via bluetooth
mention that you don't enter codes
(not sure if these things were there at all - i did lots of reading... but didn't come across such instructions (they might be there - maybe i just missed them!))

2. only then use applications like boonjin's stuff

all working now with belking ft8012!

I've tried and failed using a Belkin adapter
It kept asking me for a passcode
I've tried 0000 and 1234, neither worked
Is there anything else I should try?

Should it ask me for a passcode?
The instructions I've seen for bluesoleil don't give any reference to a passcode

I'm reading more instructions on how to try and make work with Wilcomm
But if all else fails: can I just buy ANY bluetooth adapter from eBay?
They're very cheap
I've tried searching for ones with 'bluesoleil' in, but there aren't any matches

The ones off the bluesoleil website are about 4 times more expensive
Can anyone give advice if I can buy any old one from eBay?
Or are there specific models I need to watch out for?



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