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We just received a 3DS firmwware update a few minutes ago, version 9.5.0-23u, this minor firmware update fixed some web brower problem, also further improves to overall system stability and other adjustments in order to enhance the user experience as usual.

I've just updated my n3ds xl system firwmare to the latest 9.5.0-23, and I can confirm now, this sky3ds cart has bypassed the new firmware update directly, and it is working great on the latest n3ds xl console, the same as my old r4i gold 3ds rts flashcart.

If you are looking to buy a 3ds flashcart for playing 3ds games on 9.5.0-23u, I'd recommend sky3ds, which is the best 3ds rom capable flashcart out there.

I have some questions about sky3ds.
1) how days will the card delivery to California, Texas with free shipping?
Because I ordered one for my son from another website and it took 2.5 weeks
from delivery from another country. But it said they ship card from US.
Anyway, I need one for my daughter now.
2) which website do you recommend for downloading 3ds rom?
3) other than sky3ds, which card do you recommend for 3ds game?

I recently purchased an r4-sdhc for the 3DS XL (version 9.4.0-21) and it came with the latest firmware and was ready to use. I popped it into the 3ds and it worked like a charm. However it only allows me to run ds games. Do I have to download the any patch or am I doing something wrong? My friend told me that I need this sky3ds flashcart, is that the best flashcart for playing 3ds games? and where is the best site to buy sky3ds at the lowest price? thanks in advance.

edit: hey guys, already bought my gateway 3ds flashcart from their US based retailer they work pretty good and ships fast

My friend told me that gateway 3ds flashcart can now support the n3ds firmware 4.5-9.2 version console direclty, is that ture? The system update I have now is 6.2.0-12u. Anybody know a good place (must be the best and the cheapest site) where I can get a gateway 3ds flashcart for my 3DS to run standard 3DS roms on it?

The big gateway 3ds firmware update is out today, 3ds owners who have the version 4.5-9.2 firmware will be able to use gateway 3ds flashcart finally, and you can play all the n3ds games todate directly with the gateway 3ds flashcart.

For your info, below is their most reliable US based official reseller

Gateway 3ds ultra 3.0 beta official change log
This release also contains an update for the Red Gateway card with:

    improved support for microSD cards
    faster write speeds
    and a surprise feature that will be announced in the next update!

As an extra bonus, we have added support for:

    DOWNGRADING your 4.5+ console back to 4.5!
    RESTORING a NAND dump back to sysnand!

Hi,I wonder if you guys can help me. My son has a Nintendo DS Lite with lots of games on an R4 card.(with micro  SD card). We have just bought him a new Nintendo 3DS but the R4 card  is not being recognized by it. Am I right in
thinking that I need a new flashcart card for the 3DS and that his micro SD card with the games on will t work when inserted  into the R4i.
I am confused by the number of different 3ds flashcards cards on sale,(I have been
told that a gateway 3ds or sky3ds card might work). But as these cards are not readily available in the U.S. and information is very limited, could you recommend a reasonably priced 3ds card that would work on the 3DS .
and shipping cost to U.S.

Recently, many users said that supercard dstwo team will release a new card for playing 3ds games, the supercard dstwo + card, and it supports 3ds games, cheats and saves. is that true?

My name is jimmy, my so has 3ds I think it's XL black color, in usa
which card do you recommended?
I've been looking at flashcarts and the general consensus is this sky3ds
because it is working on the latest n3ds firmware, even the 9.4.0-21U
My questions is do I need to download any software to set it up?
Thanks for any help

Does anybody here know if flashcarts for 3ds games have been released? I know the DS flashcarts work on 3DS now, but are there any that can play the 3ds games? I've read a lot and many players recommend this gateway 3ds
can I use it on the latest 9.2 (9.3 or 9.4) system, this will be a christmas gift for my son, just wanna make sure I can get it by christmas. thanks for any help.

I'm new to 3ds flashcart and I wanted to know which 3ds flashcart is the best one out there? gateway 3ds or sky3ds? so far from i read, gateway 3ds only works on 3ds with firwmware lower than v4.5, when the update that support 9.x will be released? where is the cheapest place to buy gateway 3ds? my friend recommend me this sky3ds cart, will it work with the latest 9.2.0-20u?

Wiimote Gaming & Flash Gaming Projects / safe site to buy r5sdhc in the US?
« on: November 18, 2014, 02:31:43 AM »
r5sdhc official confirmed that users can play 100+ n3ds games on their r5 card today, I've read many good reviews about this card. you know i had an r4i gold 3ds flashcart for ds games and loved it so far, i have been waiting for a good flashcart for 3ds games for a long time. my friend recommends me their US based official reseller just bought this and its on its way, have you guys tried the new r5sdhc cart yet?

sky3ds flashcart is one of the few working 3ds hacking tools that allows you to run 3ds games on the latest 3ds firmware console directly. it is worth buying,  I ordered my from their US based reseller and yeah, it is a great site to go.

Does anybody here know if this r5sdhc 3ds flash card has been released yet? I know the DS flashcarts work on 3DS now, but are there any that can play the 3ds games? It looks like this new card can run 3ds backups on the latest 9.2 system, is that ture?

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