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Today, gateway 3ds developers released the newest version 2.5 omega firmware for gateway 3ds flash card, and it is now available to download here users will be able to use emunand 9.2.0-20U and run the latest 3ds games now.

Quote from gateway 3ds official website:
Our latest firmware brings back full emunand support to 9.2.0-20:

* firmware spoofing
* multirom menu
* region free

hey guys, going to buy a brand new 3ds xl tomorrow, do you know any r4 cards work with it and which card should i buy thanks, my friend recomends me this US based site, but I dont know if they ship to canada or not. nintendo has just updated the firmware to v9.2.0-20u today, will it work with the new firmware?

hi...I have a of the kids here done a update on the 3ds xl (which I forgot to block the internet)now the acekard wont work.The system update I have now is 9.1.0-20u. I searched around and found that acekard 2i has stopped getting firmware updates, I think I need to buy a new card for the 3ds now, and the general consensus is the r4i gold,  supercard dstwo and gateway 3ds are the best. Which out of those 3ds r4 cards are the best for a 3ds with the latest 9.0.0-20 firmware?
Thanks a lot.

gateway 3ds is a great all-around card for nintendo 3ds owners like me, it allows you to play the most recent and hottest 3ds games such as pokemon xy and smash bros, it gets firmware update regularly, which means users will be able to receive more support and more new features. No other card can support emunand 9.x as well as 3ds gateway as far as I'm concerned. I own this gateway 3ds and am pretty satisfied with it.

supercard dstwo is hands down the best 3ds flashcard out there, and its official team does in fact keep updating the kernel. if you want to buy a supercard dstwo card that comes with the latest 9.0.0-20 firmware pre-installed, I'd recommend this trustworty site pretty sure shipping is free to Canada

My son has a Nintendo 3DS console and I just found out about the mt-card and that I can download and play 3ds games for free! And I noticed that the mt-card team just released the latest verison 2.1 hardware, the save file backup, resore save file 3ds retail game dump, file conversion and many fancy stuffs have been added, I am not sure if the mt-card will be compabitle with the 3DS or not, the 3DS system version is 9.0.0-20, also somebody recommended me this wood r4i gold card, since it is currently the best flashcart for 3ds and 2ds console, and they said mt-card does not support the latest 9.x system, is that true?
If anyone can help with the above problems I would appreciate it!

I am currently planning my X-mas gifts (i like to start early :D), and for my little sister i am definatly set on a DSTWO Supercard. Now i tried to get one from a retailer, and the thing stop working after 1 week of use (she is very cautions with electronic stuff, has she's old enough to realize these things brake easily, so i doubt it was misuse. Thing is their support was terrible, and i didnt even get a response out of them. I was wondering where I can buy a good supercard dstwo for the latest 9.0.0-20 U system, btw I'm from United States, and what is the best flashcart out there, my friend recommend me this wood r4i gold card, which one should I buy? any help will be appreciated.

you want to buy the acekard 2i i believe, it has stopped getting firmware udpates and cant run most things nowadays. since your 3ds system is the latest 8.x, your best bet would be this wood gold r4i 3ds rts flashart

If you want to play gba games, you can go for the supercard dstwo, or I'd recommend this r4i-sdhc 3ds rts card it is one of the most cost effect and reputable 3ds flashcart out there, and it is working great with the latest 8.x system

Recently, I heard that gateway 3ds team has just produced a nice video showing gateway running one of the hottest games smash bros. Does anybody here know where i can download the latest Gateway OMEGA 2.3b Launcher.dat with emunand 8.1, and also I need a safe, reliable website to buy a gateway 3ds flash cart to play the newest game smash brothers! this is the site I'm currently looking at any of you guys recommend a online store? from the US if thats any help.

My son has a Nintendo 3ds I purchased for him in 2013.  He is interested in playing the free ds games that can be downloaded from the internet.  What do you recomend to purchase for this? This r4isdhc rts lite card or the r4i-gold pro card?

MT team has updated the mt-card hardware and software to version 2.0, and released the first version cheat database 1.0 at the same time, it is a great news to me, coz I want to play Monster Hunter 3G with cheap code, does anyone know where to buy a mt 3ds flashcart (in the us)
I have been searching for a while and found this site received a lot positive reviews, anybody has good experiences with this site please?

great news, just bought my gateway 3ds cart from cant wait to try the newest 2.3b firmware :D

I have an R4i-sdhc 3ds rts flashcart and works great on my 3ds and dsi. here you go, it seems to be the one everybody is using

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