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My intention was to create a "kit" that could be mass-produced and be effortlessly attached to any baseball cap.

The IRLEDS are attached to simple clips like shown. The housing for a triple-A battery could be attached to the top of the middle IRLED clip so that there's only two wires total, from the middle to the two sides. The IRLEDs are exposed and pointing down so that they're never obstructed even when standing up some distance from the screen.

Can you see any reason why this wouldn't work?

If it would work, I've got a Wiimote stand NOT made out of plastic or metal that you might be interested in seeing.

I always thought a 3-horizontal-LEDs system would work. Looks like someone beat me to the punch.  ;)

Now that you can use your head as a pointer, if you combine that with the "look margin" technique seen in Metroid Prime 3, the Wiimote in your hand becomes free to point wherever you want.

Now that you don't have to use a Wiimote you hold for looking and turning, Two-mote Style (holding a Wiimote in each hand) is now an option. (Use the D-Pad for moving and strafing)

Granted, a head pointer isn't precise enough to select objects like you would with a normal pointer, but that's no big deal. You could just use a Wiimote the normal way for that.

Just saw this.

Is there any reason why we can't use that with the "look margin" technique from Metroid Prime 3 to completely free up the Wiimote in your hand?

If there's no reason we can't, then I've got "Two-mote Style" in the bag. Now I just need to determine if the Wiimote can tell pointing in one lateral direction from another lateral direction. (without guiding LEDs)

Comments and Feedback / SEO causing broken links
« on: July 13, 2008, 05:11:10 PM »
I tried to view this topic

but as you can see it won't go. I've used forum SEO scripts before and usually there's a way to write the link so that it just defaults to the normal URL scheme.

How would I get to topic #65?

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