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General Discussion / Wiimote for HTPC Use
« on: July 22, 2011, 10:44:37 AM »
Hi Everyone,

So I'm sure this is by no means a new idea, but I'm trying to find a slick solution  for using a wiimote as a HTPC remote.  My HTPC already has a bluetooth adapter (currently using a bluetooth logitech PS3 keyboard to control it), but want something more.  I can get a wiimote to pair with the PC, but once it times out, connection is lost and it kind of defeats the purpose to close out of the HTPC software, repair, and restart HTPC software.  I know that smoothconnect can autoconnect, but there is somewhat of a delay between turning the wiimote on and the re-pairing occurring (in fairness however, I have not actually tried smoothconnect yet for this application, this is just based on other experiences and things I've read). 

Ideally, what I would like is to pick up the wiimote, hit 1&2 (or some other key combination), have the wiimote re-pair in a matter of a second or two, and use the wiimote to navigate the HTPC software (Mediaportal - which is running on Windows).  Just wondering if anyone has any other ideas/alternatives on how to make this a reality.  Thanks.


So if, for instance, I have a wiimote sitting on the coffee table and it doesn't get touched for 15 minutes or so while I'm watching TV, it will still be connected?  The application won't ever be terminated (unless it crashes) and likewise it won't go to sleep (because, well, that's how I'll set it up), so really the only way it will disconnect is if the wiimote turns off.  I get that, but is there any way to keep it from turning off (other than putting it in a charging station)?

sorry if I sound like I'm being repetitive, just want it straight in my head....

I really should just swipe a buddy's wiimote and test this.....

So basically once the wiimote was connected to glovePIE or the media-center software it wouldn't disconnect?  That would be awesome if that was the case....

Thanks for the help thus far

Hey everybody,

I've been interested in playing around with a wiimote for awhile, and finally think I have an application I can dive into.  I basically want to use a wiimote as a remote for a home-theater PC in the living room.  I know I can do all the button mapping and stuff, that won't be an issue at all, but since (at least as of yet) nobody seems to know how to pair a wiimote with a PC I'm not sure how well it will work.

 I know the wiimote only stays on for like 5 minutes (or something like that) without a button being pushed, and naturally a remote for a HTPC won't be used every 5 minutes.  So my question is, will it continue to be pseudo-paired?  Will I just be able to push a button and it will reconnect and continue to work, or will I have to rediscover and re-pair it every time the wiimote powers down?  Thanks in advance.

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