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I have successfully been using a wiimote on XP with these two setups:

Belkin F8T013, WIDCOMM stack
Advent C1EDR, Toshiba stack

Apps such as wiinremote work fine, however it is a pain having to reconnect at each boot, or resume from standby.

I tried each adapter with the MS stack so I could use the autoconnect applications.  The Advent stick was able to use the MS stack with no modifications, but the Belkin stick needed inf file editing.

With EITHER stick running the MS stack, communication appears to be ONE WAY - programs can set the LED's or trigger rumble, but nothing else.

I read reports on various websites about both sticks working "fine" with the MS stack - so what is causing my one-way communication problem?

I have ordered an iogear GBU421, which wiki/forums indicate is also "fine" with the MS stack.

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