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I have the bluetooth device and wiiconnect hooking up to smoothboard working on my Vista desktop, but I can't duplicate it on my Vista laptop.

I can get the wiimote to hookup to smoothboard working but wiimoteconnect won't learn my device.  I've looked through the solutions on this thread and tried them with no luck.  So, I'm wondering what information I need to provide so I can get WiiConnect working.


I hol
Clarification edit: d the wii controller in front of the bluetooth/usb and nothing happens.

Are you pressing buttons 1 and 2 on the wiimote and holding them down for a couple of seconds?


Clarification Edit:
 I'm suggesting this because a couple of teachers who I've helped setup had this problem at the beginning, and I hope it wasn't taken as snark.

Like my example above, remove all colons and better use uppercase:

java -Dorg.uweschmidt.wiimote.whiteboard.wiimoteAddresses=0022AA84B38D -jar WiimoteWhiteboard.jar

Thanks for your help Uwe-I'm going to start installing software in the building classrooms this week.   Another question, should the new .bat file replace the existing one and keep the same name?  If so, should I include the text from the existing bat file in the new bat file like i have below?

java -jar WiimoteWhiteboard.jar

java -Dorg.uweschmidt.wiimote.whiteboard.wiimoteAddresses=0022AA84B38D -jar WiimoteWhiteboard.jar


Not directly,  but you could save the image you want to be the e-paper as a .bmp or .jpeg and open it up in Paint or some other digital editor.

Simply open the the file in Paint-the student does his work and then you rename and save the file,

Or you could use one of the cool web20 dabbleboards that are out there.

Thank you for all the help. I really appreciate it

So mine would look like this-based on image I included.
java -Dorg.uweschmidt.wiimote.whiteboard.wiimoteAddresses=00:22:aa:84:b3:8d -jar WiimoteWhiteboard.jar

I think I'm going to do a quick video on this when school resumes after spring break and post it on this thread.

Has anyone seen this type of issue using the smoothboard software?

Sorry-I not clear where I need to put  java -Dorg.uweschmidt.wiimote.whiteboard.wiimoteAddresses=(mywiimoteaddres) -jar WiimoteWhiteboard.jar.  Am I just renaming the WiimoteWhiteboard.jar  or am I opening the jar file with some kind of program and making a change, or is there a document that I'm altering.   


I'm going to run into this problem in the next few weeks.

What and where is the area that  needs to be changed in the application bundle (windows version)?


General Hardware Talk / Re: AA battery eliminator
« on: March 20, 2009, 03:46:28 AM »
would  3v  700mA work without potentially hurting anything?

Whiteboard / Re: Wiimote Whiteboard and my 7 year old
« on: March 17, 2009, 02:39:08 AM »
The program is called Kidpix, it's more of an old legacy program still widely used at the elementary level here in the states.  It costs about $25.00 USD now but when it came out at the turn of century it was about $200. I think the last update was 2003. That's actually the marker option (pencil, crayon, chalk, marker)  so it's supposed to look and act that way. The program itself is still pretty awesome and kids love it.  Lots of cool visual and sound effects.  I use it almost every week with some grade level.

I know the tracking utilization looked horrible but it really was acting fine.

Whiteboard / Wiimote Whiteboard and my 7 year old
« on: March 17, 2009, 01:49:02 AM »
This is the video I'm showing people when I introduce them to the whiteboard


I'm training a couple of our IT guys to set up wiimote IWB in other schools, and wanted to give them a starting point when they setup the wiimotes.  This is an image of the what I came up with.  Are these starting points fairly reasonable?

Whiteboard / Re: Wiimote Table
« on: March 13, 2009, 08:10:46 PM »
very nice.

General Hardware Talk / Re: AA battery eliminator
« on: March 13, 2009, 04:26:13 AM »
Sorry for the dumb question, but I'm new to this and I don't want to burn anything down. 

So - in theory, I litterally just buy/find a 3 volt AC adapter, cut off its charging terminal and hook it up to the wiimote? but most AC adapters are not 3 volt.

If so-then this 3 volt adapter at the bottom of this page would work?


General Hardware Talk / Re: AA battery eliminator
« on: March 12, 2009, 11:21:01 AM »
I'm looking at this article

This makes the use of the power source less critical. An AC adapter, laying around in the school or at someone's home, supplying 3 to 7 Volts is fine. The voltage regulator will bring down the voltage to 2,85 Volts.

So it looks like I should get the voltage regulator that brings the AC power adapter from 5 volts to 2.85 volts

General Hardware Talk / AA battery eliminator
« on: March 12, 2009, 09:45:14 AM »
I'm using a AA battery eliminator (with slight modifications as described) and I'm coming up with 127% power on the wiimote when I fire up the whiteboard.

Is that a huge problem?


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