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I'm using WIDCOMM 6.0.1 with an HP Integrated Module with Wireless Bluetooth software on an HP machine running Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit.  I've installed all the drivers that should've been installed, installed the WIDCOMM software (as stated) and I can easily connect my Wiimote.

Here's the problem though... I connected my classic controller and none of the buttons are recognized, I don't even know if it's recognizing that the classic controller is even connected.  I haven't tried the nunchuk yet, but I don't particularly need it for what I'm trying to do (use it as a virtual joystick for a PS2 Emulator).

A small additional problem is that I can't get the LEDs to do anything but flash either, which is no big deal.  Regardless, I have heard taht there could be some form of plugin for WIDCOMM for GlovePIE, but I've had no luck in finding one.  I've never had any luck with BlueSoleil in the past either, not sure if it's that it doesn't work with my bluetooth or what.  Anyway, anyone have any tips, leads, or fixes?

(Dear god, that was a lengthy post)

Alright... this is a little difficult to explain, but here goes:

I don't have a problem connecting my wiimote to my computer via bluetooth, it detects it and lets me connect as desired...  But, when I attempt to use any scripts with GlovePIE 0.29 and my wiimote (whether it utilizes any attachments or not) nothing seems to work but the LEDs lighting up.

I used to be able to use GlovePIE 0.29 and my wiimote with the guitar attachment just fine through bluetooth when I was playing on JamLegend (an online guitar hero knockoff).  I stopped playing it roughly a month ago, and I just attempted to get my wiimote connected again to use the classic controller and it seems to have the aforementioned problem.  I was attempting to get it all hooked up to use to play FFXII on my PS2 emulator (PCSX2).

Should I be using another program?  Or is there something wrong with my bluetooth connection/wiimote?

Edit: I forgot to add, I'm using PPJoy to emulate a joystick and using that on GlovePIE, and my Bluetooth is an integrated HP Module that uses WIDCOMM. (If any of that helps)

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