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****1st idea
Not successfully installed device may cause from your conflicted device.

Please check in the device manager and see there is no yellow caution.

If that's happen, uninstall that device.

***2nd idea
If there is no yellow caution in device manager, and you bluetooth device say it is CONNECTED
(prove by open the bluetooth menu and find the "connected" text and see it 4 blink light in the WiiMote),
try to right click in the device manager and refresh it.

Hope you got it soon,

removing battery trick may help you, i've posted here,

Bluetooth & Connectivity Help Center / Re: Micro Bluetooth Dongle
« on: August 30, 2009, 01:15:38 PM »
Thank for this useful thread.

Please be sure that when you add the WiiMote to your bluetooth, everything was OK, the topics in the device manager
should not show any yellow caution.


I'd like to confirm the trick "remove the battery and press the scan button".

But after I've trial and error for so many times, I think I have found some more information.
The WiinMote program, used to check does the remote is connected and how it is going, is one of the main problem. >:(

Evidently, many people, after connect the WiiMote to their bluetooth they will quickly run the WiinMote to check does my WiiMote get connected or not.  Is this true? or sometime true?
From my experience, the program always report like in this thread picture, stunning program but it say the WiiMote is active. Then, the one open the Johnny's program, smoothboard or even the test program that come with the Library, and it's failed.

This because the WiinMote code stop some function (or what is it called) and make the WiiMote can't use any more. This possible because the WiinMote last update is on 2007.

The solution:: use  at your own risk
1. Stop the current procedure, remove the WiiMote from your bluetooth device.
2. Remove the BATTERY from your WiiMote control.
3. Wait for 5 - 20 second - This remove and clear the buffer inside the WiiMote, My guess, please advice.
4. Put your battery back to your WiiMote and leave the cover open.
5. Go to your PC and start the bluetooth to find your device.
6. The small trick is also here. Let's the PC leading search first, for 1 second, the immedietly press the red sync button (located near the battery stack) and leave the PC found your device and just add it.
7. Never run the WiinMote program 
8. Try to test with the Codeplex's WiiMote library. I've tried the version 1.7 and it was fine. Download here
9. If it was OK, please close the Codeplex's tester first before starting your desired program.

I think this trick is very useful but traded off with the trial and error.

ADMIN,  Please pin this topic, I've find this symptom since I start doing this project.

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