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I do have .NET 3.5 installed.

I cannot launch the DesktopVR on any of the 3 PCs that I have.  I have tried running the program on these 3 PCs:

Dell Laptop with Radeon Mobile X1400 running XP SP2 and DX 9.0c.  Everything is updated.

Sony VAIO running Vista and DX10.

Desktop PC with XP SP2 and DX 9.0c.

Each PC I try this on has an immediate run error when I double-click on the EXE file.

I am thinking I am REALLY missing something in the process of running this program.  Is it as simple as double-clicking the EXE in the root directory?  Or is it more complicated than that??

I am definitely a noob when it comes to comps--I have enough knowledge to deal with common hardware and such, but I know nothing of C++ or custom drivers, etc etc etc...


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