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Title: Universal Wiimote Mounts
Post by: micbridge on April 22, 2008, 09:00:56 PM
As I go along the wiimote white board development process; making pens, getting the bluetooth to work, et.al. I've had a couple epiphanies on wiimote mounts that I'd like to share. Having an amature fascination with electronics AND neodymium magnets has actually paid off. Skip to the bottom if you need links to pictures....

First, a 'universal' non-invasive wall mount for the wiimote: Get a strong 3/4"x1" neodymium magnet and run it along a gypsum bd partition wall. You will soon find that the magnet makes a terrific stud finder. In fact, the magnet 'sticks' to the wall grabbing the screw in the gyp bd with great tenacity. Next, get yourself a short, cheap 6" camera tripod from Radioshack. Extend two legs of the tripod and then put the third 'short leg on the magnet on the wall. Click! Now, glue a 1/4" nylon nut from Lowe's on to the bottom of your wiimote around the center of balance (roughly below the speaker on the top side). I used Gorilla glue to great effect and let it setup overnight. You can now screw the tripod into the base of the nut glued to the wiimote. Now any nearby wall can support your wiimote for whiteboarding!

Second, and along similar lines, you can hang your wiimote from just about any ceiling. I am working this project for the exclusive purpose of developing a portable wiimote whiteboard for our architectural practice. As such, we make most on site presentations in boardrooms with acoustical tile ceilings. The grid of said ceilings are made of steel. If the magnets work for the wall, then they can also work for the ceilings. Buy yourself a telescoping pointer with a neodymium magnet on the end. You know the kind, they are at hardware stores and used generally for fishing keys out from behind refrigerators. Remove the screw from the non magnet end and remove the pocket clip, halfway screw the end screw back into the telescoping pointer. Get a paper clip and bend it straight, if that makes sense. Then twist the center part of the paper clip 360 degrees around the screw post and tighten the screw. Take some time and bend the paper clip down into two separate 'L' shaped legs that will snap into the grooves on the sides of your wiimote. If you do this well, the paper clip will have pretty good holding power on the wiimote. Now, extend the magnet end of the pointer and click it on to the metal runners on your acoustical tile ceiling (ACT). Now you can have great flexibility in placing your wiimote to face the screen without undue setup time or damaging your client's boardroom with tape. If you do not have an ACT ceiling to work with, pull out that 3/4"x1" neodynium magnet you used on the wall earlier. snap it on top of your pointer magnet. Run the magnets along your gypsum bd ceiling and sure enough you will find a screw and the whole apparattus will hold there in mid air. It is pretty cool to see your wiimote setup hanging from a smooth ceiling.

Here is my Picasa page cataloging my wiimote progress. Near the end you will see video showing how these mounts came together and what they look like. The best part for me is you can still set up the wiimote with all its parts and two mounts in the palm of your hand.  :)

http://picasaweb.google.com/Micbridge/WiimoteWhiteboardProject (http://picasaweb.google.com/Micbridge/WiimoteWhiteboardProject)
Title: Re: Universal Wiimote Mounts
Post by: UndCon on April 23, 2008, 07:24:33 AM
That is a really clever way to mount the wiimote

Im using a bigger Manfrotto tripod and i must say its really easy to set up and get a good position..

I'll have to do some magnet-hunting later today ;)
Title: Re: Universal Wiimote Mounts
Post by: richwhite on April 23, 2008, 09:54:37 AM
You will also find an A-clamp/velcro a very low cost way to mount your Wiimote (see pic)

Title: Re: Universal Wiimote Mounts
Post by: UndCon on April 23, 2008, 12:39:38 PM
LOL - yes I use a velcro watchband (animal brand) and rubberbands and sometimes scotch tape...

but the magnets looks more pro...

I was thinking of the rubbercoated versions that you can mount on the dashboard to hold cellphones - they also comes with a sticky metalplate that you can attach to the wiimote...hmm - magnet to hold the tripod and magnet to hold the wiimote

I found a local shop that sels various Neo-magnets including versions capable of 30Kg :D
Title: Re: Universal Wiimote Mounts
Post by: micbridge on May 11, 2008, 05:48:26 AM
Here are some images of the mounts.