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Title: Wiimote universal mouse simulation, 2D head tracking, and more...
Post by: rubycrow on November 11, 2010, 02:06:39 PM
Here is a little screenshot of my program based on Brain Peek's WiimoteLib 1.7 (http://www.brianpeek.com/blog/pages/wiimotelib.aspx). Thanks to Brain Peek for his great .NET lib, and Johnny Lee for his genius idea.

My goal is to build a universal Wiimote gaming solution including motion mouse simulation, whiteboard simulation and 3d head tracking.

Does anybody have a good idea of making a virtual joystick using Visual Basic.NET? I'm now using PPJoy, but I have to set my 64-bit Win 7 to test mode in in order to use its driver.

Now I have mouse simulation and 2d head tracking done because I can only use my lamp as an IR source. I played Counter-Strike using Wiimote, and that was awesome!  :D
I'll continue my work after my Wii sensor bar arrive.

Please leave your comments and thoughts. Really appreciate it.  ;)