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on: May 13, 2008, 08:14:46 PM
I am absolutely thrilled to be on the bus!

My name's Keith, and I'm an ITRT (Instructional Technology Resource Teacher) in Northern Virginia. Today I finished the last solder and assembled my infrared emitter pen, which I'll snag some pictures of. I used a 1220 3V watch battery for the power supply and a 40-degree-spread IR emitter diode in the tip of an evacuated (read: gutted with pliers) dry-erase marker casing. I used a nearly flush-mounted pushbutton switch mounted for the thumb, which I like considerably more than my original index finger design.

The prototype works beautifully. I've tested it with a variety of interactive whiteboard programs as well as Jarnal and KindleLab. I like Jarnal quite a bit for this!

Johnny, you're right up in my top ten heroes right now, because you're doing what my life's work is all about: bringing outstanding innovative practices to the masses. I'm just astonished by how beautifully the system works.

I'm sure we'll be showing off our prototype to the faculty at my 2,600 student IT-specialty-program high school in the very near future, and I have high hopes to see this technology make its way into as many classrooms as possible, particularly paired with open source freeware. (Which I think we in public education should be supporting whenever possible in as many ways as possible, from switching to Firefox to this marvelous application!)

I'm happy to share experiences and to collaborate on any IWB activity. I'm thrilled with my Wiiteboard (HA!) and look forward to using it regularly!!

Keith David Reeves, B.Mus., M.Ed.
Instructional Technologist
Battlefield High School
Haymarket, Virginia