Author Topic: Hei from norway  (Read 2042 times)

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on: February 21, 2009, 05:08:18 PM
Hi there, i'm new to this site and i'm utterly amazed by what the wiimote can do, and i have a few questions about compatible software and such which i'm gonna post on another part of the forum, just after i've written this introduction of myself  :P.

I'm a 22year old male speciment from Norway, who is interested in alot of things, but kinda new to tweaking the wiimote. I've just tried the head tracking thingamajig Johnny Chung Lee has made and wow, how cool is that? :D

I regrettably have slim to none experience in computer programming and therefore i'm standing blank as to learn how this really works, but hopefully i will obtain a few pointers from this site as to possibilities to interface the wiimote with my computer.

I kinda have a thing i want to test out, but i'm going post it in the project ideas section instead of here..

So long folks :)

- tsknutsen