Author Topic: Noob at this... please help, this is easy for experts to help me with  (Read 2897 times)

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This is from the WiiDesktopVR readme file and i have no clue on how to put in the parameters. Can someone please help me!?!?                   
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"2.  The program needs to know a few parameters to calculate the correction projection.  In the "config.dat" file you can specify the vertical size of your display (in millimeters), the distance between your two dots (in millimeters, the wii sensor bar is 215mm), the aspect ratio of your screen (use 0 to auto calculate), if the camera is above screen (true) or below screen( false), and if you are connecting 2 wiimotes (true or false).  If you changed it, and it's not working.  Delete the file, and run the program.  It'll re-create a valid config.dat file with the default values."