Author Topic: Preset pics vs. Rendering  (Read 3011 times)

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on: May 26, 2008, 02:40:25 AM
Does anyone have any idea about the effectiveness (both in terms of computing time/lag and in overall quality) of using a large array of preset pictures rather than rendering the scene real-time?

To clarify, I'm thinking of trying something like moving a video camera around an object from all frontal angles, and then compiling every frame of the video (which, admittedly, would end up being a huge amount of file space) and then organizing the filenames based on an xyz coordinate. The program I'd write would then interpret the xyz coordinates from the headtracking as a call to load in the file for that angle. Right off the bat, I can already imagine that this would be fairly laggy without an extremely good processor and hard drive combo. That being said, with a good enough computer (no supercomputers, just, say, a high-end gaming PC), would this method work to effectively make a good viewing-angle dependent image or would it be a waste of time?