Author Topic: WiiDesktopVR + Wiimotelibr 1.2.1 on Vista 64 :: Let it to work :-)  (Read 7894 times)

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Hi, my name is Andrea <Neogene> Leganza.

I managed in about some hours to modify wiidesktopvr to compile and run in a 64bit env (Vista in my case). here there is the solution and here you can get a full versione working for me (with wiimotelib 1.2.1 lib)

Problems for me were:

  • current version of widesktopvr gave me BADIMAGEFORMAT (resolved using x86 compiler command)
  • application doesn't find the wiimote (resolved changing to 1.2.1 lib, removing old dependece(networkserver.cs) some calls changed from version 1.1 to 1.2.1: GetBatteryLevel() not found -> replace with getStatus() (for remote2 and remote instances) ; OnWiimoteChanged -> replace with WiimoteChanged (for remote2 and remote instances)

I hove it will help all the x64 boys.
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