Author Topic: Anybody who has succseded with everything, READ!  (Read 6372 times)

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on: February 16, 2008, 04:43:32 PM
How do you connect the wii sensor bar with the tv and computer? And do you have to connect the wii also? It would be so awsome if someone could make a video guide on how to do everything on YouTube or something.

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Reply #1 on: February 19, 2008, 10:37:07 PM
I have NOT succeeded with everything, so take this with the appropriate amount of salt, but if I understood Johnny's video correctly:

1) You only need the Wii if you are using the sensor bar
2) The only function of the Wii is to provide power to the sensor bar
3) The only function of the sensor bar is to provide some IR LEDs for the Wiimote to see.
4) Ultimately you would want to build some other way of mounting the IR LEDs (like the glasses he showed).  As the video said, you could in theory use the sensor bar fixed to a baseball cap or something but it would be goofy (not to mention the wire would get in your way.

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Reply #2 on: April 12, 2008, 03:20:51 AM
I have not succeeded with any of it, yet. I just found the project thanks to and am planning on giving it a try tomorrow. However, I feel I understand enough to answer your questions:

The wiimote (wii remote) connects to your computer through your computer's bluetooth connection. Most laptops sold these days are sold with bluetooth or the option to add bluetooth for a fee. If your computer does not have bluetooth, you can purchase a bluetooth "dongle" for relatively cheaply on various places on the internet including ebay.

So that the computer knows how to connect to your wiimote, download and install this application:

In all of these tutorials, the PC is connected to the television or projector. I do not know of any way to use this hack without using a computer.

As the above poster said, you do NOT need to even own a wii to use the hacks. All you need is a wiimote and a set of infrared lights (which is what the wii sensor bar is). If you do have a wii and do not want to keep your wii powered on just to use it's sensor bar, you can just hack the sensor bar to accept another power source, or use batteries. I've seen numerous tutorials on how to do this- a quick youtube or google search should provide you all the information that you need.

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Reply #3 on: April 12, 2008, 04:09:58 AM
And I have succeded in everything...that is needed that is...

Make an IRbar
Make an IRpen or two

Purchase a Wiimote and connect to computer by bluetooth
(this is driver dependant so it might work - if not try another bluetooth stack or bluesoleil)

Once connected start application on your computer and play around...

the hardest part for most is the IR-stuff that requires some skills with an soldering iron...

my IRbar has 2 IRleds connected to a resistor and is powered by USB (5volt)
my irpen can be found here (and a IR-tablet setup)