Author Topic: Problem with 3D Wiiremote Project on a large video projector  (Read 4561 times)

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I would like to make this project working on a large screen.
I tryed that on my computer before and no problem, it works very well.
But on the large screen, the image jumps, the number of image per second felt down.
This screen has screenHieght of 175 mm (I've put this value on the conig.dat)
Is there something to change on the program ?
Help me please
Thank you

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Screen height is actually measured in pixels, it is the vertical resolution of the display.

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Reply #2 on: August 06, 2008, 01:18:54 PM
I have somewhat of the same problem.  I'm running mine on a 46" 16:9 LCD (1080 res).  I still get 90+ FPS using my onboard video card, however your problem seems like mine.

When you move side to side very slowly, the image pulls away abit (almost like you took a step back) then would "POP" forward again.  Almost like a pulsating motion.  I posted this problem a few days ago in the other forum, however no one seems to know the problem.

And I'm not too sure the "Screen Height" is or should be in pixels.  It should be the physical distance of your screen.  Running on a 14" laptop screen, or in your case a HTP, regardless of resolution, should render different results.

I'm installing C on my comp at home, and taking a look at the code.  I think the calculations could be changed a bit.  I might make a small app that helps with the setting up of the config.DAT file (for those who find it difficult to understand what to input).  I want to add a few more variables to allow for a finer defined setup.