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Title: question about general use
Post by: kamimatsu on September 16, 2010, 07:59:57 PM
Can I use my (newly converted infrared) webcam for this and is there some variant that lets me use the entire computer like this?
Title: Re: question about general use
Post by: shakespeare1212 on September 18, 2010, 11:04:11 PM
There are programs like, Camera Mouse, that let you use an IR pen with an IR sensing webcam to control your computer. Most modern Windows computers come with a free built in on-screen keyboard, so I hope this give let's you control you "whole computer" as you have requested, but I'm not entirely sure what you mean.

You will find if you try them both, that that Wii-mote white board system works better than the camera based system because the Wii-remote actually processes the image. I doesn't just pass a video stream to the computer, it passes a nice, tight little report about the location of up to 4 IR dots, and the status of all of it's buttons, and accelerometers. Also, because it has the bluetooth wireless connection it is also far easier to place the "camera" anywhere you may need it.