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on: July 23, 2008, 03:35:42 PM
Hi all. First off. Thanks to the forum mods and all those who put time into this. This site and all contributers helped in me getting the headtracking working.

  I had all the similar problems.  BSOD, bluesoleil not finding my bluetooth adapter, once i found it, it kept disconnecting etc etc. I tried different versions of bluesoleil, widcomm etc.

   It was this fix… that worked for me. and i even installed the widcomm 4.0 software in the beginning, but when i plugged in my dongle, i used the cd drivers. and it still worked! The one thing I did have to do however is add my D-Link dongle ID (found under the device manager/dlink dongle/properties/details)  to the btwusb.inf as mine wasnt included in its list. 

    I added the id "USB\VID_07D1&PID_F101\5&19448E6D&0&4" (just the red section) to the btwusb.inf in 2 places. (the INF *top section* contains a list and id's of many of the known dongles out there and the *bottom section* is just a description section to tell windows what to display when you are installing the drivers.)

  As per another thread in this forum, I took an existing line in the btwusb.inf (i chose a broadband one at the end of the list, copied it, pasted it to the next line and changed the name from broadband to D-Link and copied my ID over the existing broadband ID that was there. So i had a final line like this "%DLINK.DeviceDesc%=DFUBTUSB,          USB\VID_07D1&PID_F101"
 then near the bottom, you have to tell windows what to display when you are loading the drivers so I again copied the broadband one and pasted it to the next line and changed it to read as "DLINK.DeviceDesc=D-Link Dongle"
That way when I plugged in my dongle and selected have disk etc, when i pointed to the btwusb.inf to look for my dongle, it found it and displayed "D-Link Dongle" So I knew it was what I had edited that worked.

   So, to recap, I 1) did what the website fix above said to do.
                           2) when I restarted, Widcomm wouldnt find my dongle, so I manually edited the btwusb.if to tell it my dongles name and ID
                           3) started the VR program (after editing the .dat file with measurment and stuff)
                           4) IT WORKED :)

  I just wanted to put this near the top in bold for anyone else who is frustrated. Hope this helps. Thanks and credit to Dave W. who made that fix above.