Author Topic: Moving mouse with fingers  (Read 3555 times)

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on: May 13, 2008, 01:54:04 AM

i implemented a small programm, that allows to move the cursor with your fingers.
Im using the "wiiyourself!" lib in c++ for that.

What im doing is just putting the mousecursor to the position of the IRdot:

Code: [Select]
float xMaus = (dot0.X) * 2500;
float yMaus = (1- dot0.Y) * 2000;
SetCursorPos(xMaus, yMaus);

Now the problem is that the cursor doesnt move smoothly, it kinda jumps to the new point, when i move the IR dot. Can anyone tell me, what is going wrong there and how I can fix that?

Thanks a lot