Author Topic: Which drawing program is used in the Multi-touch Whiteboard video?  (Read 11333 times)

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Which drawing program does Johnny Lee use in his Low-Cost Multi-touch Whiteboard using the Wiimote video?

When I draw in Paint, the drawings are very noisy and squared, not round and soft like in the video.
I guess this has something to do with the drawing software that is used. Therefore I want to know which drawing program is used.
If you know other drawing programs that will result in round lines instead of noisy and squared lines, please let me know.



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Adobe Photoshop has round pencils/brushes, that's pretty awesome;)

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the thing is, in his video, he was using a fat pen. you can really notice the jagged edges with a really skinny pen. also, try moving the wiimote back a little bit.

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